Absolute Resonance

Chapter 692: The Source of Corruption

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Chapter 0692: The Source of Corruption


The sudden loss of control of certain Violet Vibrance mentors was clearly beyond expectations. The other mentors who had not been corrupted were completely unable to react in time and were struck by the attacks of their colleagues.


A few Violet Vibrance mentors spat out blood as they were knocked down into the ground, leaving behind several deep indents. Looking at their bloodied bodies, it seemed as though the injuries they suffered were not light.

This sudden change had occurred before the students as terror overcame them. They were all scared stiff and stared at this scene in horror, not knowing how to react.

This was something that had never happened in the history of the college.

Mentor Huo Xu had not been affected but the anger rising within her eyes was gradually being taken over by sheer fear. As she looked at her fellow colleagues who now had twisted and distorted expressions with pale white eyes. Their entire bodies seemed to be covered with a frightening aura of corruption.

This was not foreign to her.

It was the sign of being corrupted by the Others.

Still, how could an Other actually corrupt Duke stage experts?

As she had this question in mind, she noticed a strange black fish swimming within the corrupted Violet Vibrance mentor’s eyes. The revelation that struck her caused a chill to run through her body.

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This was the Umbra Cave’s Ichythian King…?

Wasn’t this Other King being held back by the principal? When had it corrupted these Violet Vibrance mentors?

How could the seeds of corruption have been planted without anyone noticing it after significant and rigorous screening and testings?

This made no sense at all.

Even if it was an Other King that was comparable to a King stage expert, it would not be easy to pull off such a task without the principal noticing.

“It looks like your heart is full of suspicion and questions.” The youth grinned as he stared at the furious and surprised Huo Xu.

“Ah, how did we do it? Well we have to thank Shen Jinxiao. None of you could have ever imagined that within the college, there was a Violet Vibrance mentor who had willingly chosen to form a contract with the Ichythian King. With him as the medium, year after year of time caused corruption to gradually seep in. You naturally would never have noticed that such a seed of corruption would have taken root within these mentors. Even if Pang Qianyuan possesses earthshaking abilities, he still cannot read a person’s heart.” Listening to the words of the youth caused Huo Xu to feel so enraged her entire body was trembling as she rushed at Shen Jinxiao whilst bellowing.

“Shen Jinxiao! You will not die a good death!” She had never expected that Shen Jinxiao had long established a contract with the Ichythian King. This scumbag had a heart full of evil intent and after being lured in by the Ichythian King, was even willing to become his medium and spread the seeds of corruption. This was a truly hateful man.

Seeing Huo Xu’s incensed gaze, Shen Jinxiao helplessly smiled. “My lord, why’d you have to expose me and pull the carpet from under me? Do you really think that I have any other choice at this point?”

The youth smiled. “Of course not. I simply wanted her to understand. You don’t have to care in any case. After today, Astral Sage College will cease to exist and all their resentment and anger is meaningless.”

With that the youth waved his hand and the corrupted Violet Vibrance mentor released feral grunts and roars before pouncing towards the other Violet Vibrance mentors, intent on taking their lives. One after another awe inspiring duke bergfried’s took form and descended into the world.

“All of the Violet Vibrance mentors of the college, halt your cultivation and hurry over to defend the college!”

“Gold Gleam and Silver Spark mentors, quickly escort the students away!”

“Inform the Vice principal!”

Seeing the chaotic development of the situation, Mentor Huo Xu hurriedly issued a series of commands as she felt a sense of coldness within her body.

She knew that Astral Sage College was very possibly facing an existential crisis, one the likes of which had never been seen before.


In the white jade square, the blade shrouded with the Triple Resonance Saintly Ring had hacked down and left behind a massive gash across the void. It then directly struck down upon the five storey golden pagoda that had now engulfed the Regent.

An unimaginably titanic energy tempest exploded outwards upon collision as the thick clouds in the sky were shredded apart brutally by sheer force. This energy tempest almost raged across the entirety of Xia City’s sky, bringing about countless thunderous booms. If Li Luo and the Regent had not purposedly chosen to settle their conflict in an area outside the city, this confrontation could have destroyed the entire Xia City as collateral damage.

Everyone was focused upon the point of the collision.


A light sound rang out before cracks quickly appeared all over the golden pagoda. The pulsing triple resonance power seemed to be the world’s most fearsome form of energy.

Even with the Regent using a sacrificial ignition on a violet-eye treasured artifact, it was insufficient to stop this attack.

In the end, the blade light’s vicious strike completely decimated the golden pagoda.

At the same time, the Regent quickly manifested numerous afterimages in the void which then began to retreat swiftly in every direction.

Unfortunately as the blade light continued to descend, the countless fleeing afterimages were crushed by the imposing strike and shortly after, the remaining afterimages began to condense back into a single body as the Regent reappeared several h hundreds of meters away in mid air.

The current him had the gloomiest expression known to mankind and a bloody streak could be seen on his chest. Although the five storey golden pagoda had managed to block a significant portion of the triple resonance power, just the remainder was sufficient to penetrate his own resonant power defenses and leave behind an injury.

“The reputation of triple resonances are well-deserved.” The Regent forlornly commented. The triple resonance power that Li Luo had managed to control with the aid of Pang Qianyuan’s assistance was rudimentary but even so, it was able to suppress the Regent and his dual resonances was powerless in the face of superior might.

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They were fundamentally on different levels.

Perhaps when Dukes faced off against a King, it was no different from a Heavenly Dipper General challenging a Duke. The former could only look up at the latter.

“Wow! You’re a hardy one.” Li Luo saw that the Regent had managed to survive his blow and was not surprised. Gong Yuan was impressive. He was ultimately still a fifth-grade Duke and yet under the might of triple resonance power, he only suffered a wound that was neither heavy nor light and that was testament to his abilities.

“Since one blade only shattered a single violet-eye treasured artifact, what about another two?”

Li Luo’s smile turned chilly. Although he was using principal Pang’s transmitted power to intimidate someone, being able to torment a Duke did give him some degree of satisfaction.

He tightly grasped the Onyx-Elephant Blade and began to activate his triple resonances.

At the same time, frighteningly powerful energy began to transmit from his blade.

However just before Li Luo was about to continue hitting the Regent who was already down, he felt a commotion behind him which was accompanied by the aura of corruption which erupted at that very moment.

“Other?!” This aura of corruption was also something familiar to Li Luo. His heart trembled as he hurriedly turned towards the source of it. The sight caused his eyes to shrink as he saw mentor Chi Chan clutching her cheek. Thick amounts of corruption like a black fog was rising from her body.

It looked as though the corruption within her body was flaring up.

This change caused everyone’s expression to change.

As they glanced at mentor Chi Chan, they were completely appalled and at a loss for words. “Other corruption?” The Regent on the other hand began to bellow virtuously. “Li Luo! So it looks like you have been collaborating with the Others! Chi Chan is a person of House Luolan. Now that she has been corrupted by the Others, the House lord himself will also have to bear the blame!”

The expressions of the individuals within the viewing area also became solemn.

If Chi Chan had been corrupted by the Others, she would definitely have to be dealt with today. If House Luolan was found to have collaborated with them, it would undoubtedly give rise to public criticism. The Others were known to be humanity’s greatest enemy and any human who fraternized with them would be considered to have committed the gravest of sin. One that was unpardonable.


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