Chapter 989: 989 Attack?

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“Hmph! Help from those old fellows. I’ll still beat you up.” Grey snorted coldly.

The slight increase in the strength of the Summon had changed how things were going. Although he was annoyed by this, he knew he didn’t have the time to argue.

‘Should I use another element? My time is very short now. I can feel my cores losing essence like a broken dam. The longer this takes, the more harm I do to myself.’

He was caught in a dilemma. Showing another element would mean having to publicly use five elements. Having four elements was already very rare, five was over the charts rare, but it wasn’t impossible. There were still people alive who had five elements. Once in a while, the rumors of a Multi Elementalist with five elements would spread across the Continent, it wasn’t impossible for this to happen.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided that if he couldn’t change the tides within the next few seconds, then he would use another element. If he were fighting against Bill alone, then he would’ve been able to subtly use other elements without his knowledge, but with those old powerhouses present, even the slightest sign of another element would not go unnoticed.

The Summon’s speed had seen an increase, so had its strength and defense. It rushed at Grey once again, trying to attack.

Grey moved through the platform like a phantom, before anyone could react he had already created an array.

He sent out a dark orb at Bill.

When Bill sensed the orb, he shivered in fear. He could tell that this would immediately kill him on impact.

The array Grey made this time was solely for his space element. All it would do was to increase his attack power, speed and everything involving the space element.

Without even thinking, Bill called back the Summon and it disappeared, immediately materializing in front of him.

The Summon appeared the moment the orb was about to hit him.

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The orb hit the Summon and it exploded out before suddenly contracting.

The body of the Summon that broke apart started to come back together, but it started to shrink.

Bill shuddered when he saw this happening. Even those watching the battle couldn’t help but feel a chill run down their spines. This was an attack that was terrifying to look at.

Before long, the body of the Summon disappeared from view. It was as if it was never there.

“I’ll kill you with my next attack if you do not give up.”

Grey’s voice was already croaked from how he looked. This time, he was pretending any longer, the Fusion State was truly having shocking effects on his body. He could almost even feel his life essence slowly sipping away from his body and being absorbed by the orb in his body.

His entire body was so dried up that if he stood motionless, people would think he was dead.

“I’m not admitting defeat to a skeleton.” Bill stated coldly.

“I guess you’ll die before this skeleton then.” Grey remarked, not offended by how Bill addressed him.

‘Good thing Klaus is not here, I’d never see the end of his mockery.’ Grey thought internally.

If Klaus were to see him in this state, he would surely mock him till the end of the world.

Grey rushed at Bill. Without the Summon, Bill can barely keep up with him.

pA(nD)A no ve1 A fire orb exploded, forcing Bill back. Bill tried to counter, but his attack seemed to disappear into nothingness.

Grey attacked once again. This time, completely suppressing Bill.

A long spear appeared on Bill’s hand and it flew into the sky. It seemed to have a mind of its own. A large array appeared at the tip of the spear and a light beam shot at Grey.please visit panda(-)

Grey’s body fluttered and he vanished from where he was standing. Before long, he was standing close to Bill. A punch was thrown out by him and Bill’s figure was sent into the air.

Bill was already bleeding from different places. With this attack, he coughed out a large amount of blood.

Grey tried to get closer to him, but Bill shouted out loudly and lightning exploded out, from his body.

Grey didn’t seem phased by the attack, with a wave of his hand, the attack coming his way was dispensed.


Bill’s body crashed on the ground, he tried to stand up, but he was unable to.

Grey walked over to him, “In the end, you couldn’t outlast me.”

Bill wanted to speak out but only blood came out from his mouth.

Grey raised his head, and a shocking amount of energy gathered there. If this connects with Bill, then he would most definitely die.

Just as the attack was about to hit him.

“I give up.”

Bill’s voice was almost inaudible, but everyone heard it.

Grey, who was about to kick out, stopped, “You fell for it.”

Grey tried to smile, but with his current appearance, it didn’t look Grey.

Bill’s eyes widened when he realized the meaning behind Grey’s words. He was about to say something when Grey’s figure fell backward.


His figure landed on the ground, seemingly lifeless.

The entire platform was quiet, no one spoke a word as they looked at the figure on the ground. The figure looked to be dead.

“He won?”

Someone from the Burchard Family asked with a confused expression.

“Did he really win?” An Elder asked with a wry smile.

To him, this couldn’t really be counted as a victory for Grey. He had literally destroyed himself just to get this.

Sylvia was the first to move out as she tried to take Grey’s body. However, at the time she was about to get there, she felt a powerful energy push her back.

An attack came from the side of the Nether Faction. It was done by the leader of the Faction. All he had towards Grey at the moment was nothing but hate.

“Oh no.”

The old man moved out as he tried to block the attack. Not just the old man, but those from the Burchard Family as well.

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