Death… And Me

Chapter 1965: 1970 Into The Underworld

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Chapter 1970 Into The Underworld

The devil looked at that in shock. It's not that he wasn't paying attention to Fleus and the other devils. Instead, it was that Rean literally bent space! He was absolutely sure that Rean was in the Void Tempering Realm, so it shouldn't be possible for him to bend space yet. After all, that only happened in the next level, the Space Bending Realm!

In any case, he underestimated the twins. Both of them were in the Late Stage of the Void Tempering Realm. That meant they weren't far away from having the ability to bend space. The twins were able to use Spatial Powers when they were still in the Transition Realm, so the same thing happened here. After getting close to the next realm, they finally understood how bending worked.

Normally, their ability with it wouldn't compare to a real Space Bending Realm expert. It's just that no one was expecting them to be able to do that. Especially after they passed through the spatial gate with their bodies. Rean really did that at the very last moment possible. He wasn't even sure if it would work or not. But at the very least, Roan and he would still have entered the spatial gate and gone into the Temporal Path.

Naturally, the surprise move worked as Fleus and company were now in the middle of a flow of Spatial Power that they couldn't fight against.

Contorted, bent, broken, all kinds of effects happened around the twins' group. Nevertheless, the Temporal Path itself was completely safe. None of them were at risk of being killed by those things, so the journey was more or less smooth.

The impressive thing was how far each realm was from the other. Teleports in the Realm of Gods always happened in an instant, even when one crossed an entire continent's length. Yet, that transfer lasted several minutes. It might look little, but the distance traveled was anything but.

Of course, Rean, Roan, Fleus, and the others were not close to each other. They did enter the spatial gate at almost the same time, but the fractions of a second that each transport initiated meant who knows how many thousands of kilometers. Rean only found out that his last-second action worked when he and Roan finally appeared on the other side.

*Vup, vup, vup, vup, vup...*

Roan was the first one to appear, quickly followed by Rean on his side. A second later, Fleus, Orklia, Zektak, and the three humanoids materialized outside the spatial gate.

Many devils were there as well. The difference was that those devils were not there because they had just arrived. Instead, they were waiting for their turn to enter the spatial gate. As far as Rean's group could see, hordes and more hordes of devils formed countless groups.

The next batch in front of the twins was just about to enter the Temporal Path when they appeared. That made them a little confused for a second. Yet, they understood that someone had simply arrived and ignored the twins' group. Well, not totally ignore. Many of them caught the humanoids' living souls with their Divine Senses. There were only three, but for them, that was truly alluring.

"Don't stop!" Suddenly, a devil came down from the sky and landed by their side. "If you waste even another second, your group will be sent straight to the back of the queue. Don't complain later if you have to wait for another decade or two."

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That devil group's eyes showed a hint of panic, and they immediately threw themselves inside the Temporal Path's spatial gate. So what if there were three living souls at the entrance? Countless living souls were waiting for them in the Realm of Gods. It was obvious what was more important now.

The groups that followed also looked at the humanoids with greed, but they also ignored it in the end and kept the flow of devils going.

The devil, who came down from the sky, nodded in satisfaction before looking at Rean's group. "What are you waiting for? Since you're here, you should have the authority to come back. Just go away already. Also, you better be careful with those living souls."

Fleus and his group didn't need to hear that twice. "Of course, of course! Gean, Doan, let's go." Fleus had been here before. And thanks to his Light Devil Clan badge, he was one of those who didn't even need to wait to go through. Now that he was back, he knew where he and his group were supposed to be going.

Rean and Roan looked at each other for a moment and nodded. And just like that, they took a different route that was empty, bringing the humanoids with them as they flew away.

As they flew, Rean took the chance to ask Roan through their Soul Connection. 'So, how is it? Is this place the same as the Underworld on the other side of the Universe?'

Roan concentrated a little and was finally able to feel something he hadn't felt in over a hundred years. Perhaps even more since he didn't know how long he was unconscious on the Path of Reincarnation. 'Yes. The connection with the Underworld that I thought I had lost... it's back to me... there's no doubt that this place is the Underworld. The Path of Reincarnation should be here as well.'

Rean nodded after hearing that. 'That's good. I can't feel anything with all the Dark Element in the surroundings. In fact, my natural spatial perception has gotten even worse. Fleus is just a couple of meters on our side, but I need to pay very close attention to notice the black hole he makes in it.'

Roan couldn't help but narrow his eyes sometime later. 'The connection to the Underworld is back. The problem is that it's trying to establish contact and reject me at the same time.'

'Was there such a thing?' Rean was obviously curious.

Roan then explained, 'It's my soul. I was a complete Death Spirit back in the other half, but that's not the case anymore. Also, there's the fact that I'm not a Death Spirit from this half of the Universe.'

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