Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4876: Illumination Empress Dowager

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Chapter 4902: Illumination Empress Dowager

Li Qiye continued to fix the pile of sticks while Jian Yunyun tried her best to recover. Fortunately, her sect’s special pill proved to be rather effective.

“You’re still here?” She eventually opened her eyes and saw him.

“You brought me here, shouldn’t you bring me back as well?” Li Qiye smiled.

“...” She had no response because this made perfect sense. Though it seemed like a kidnapping, she just had questions for him. Therefore, she should also bring him back.

Alas, she worried about Eight-stallion Dynasty finding out. Moreover, Ascension Sacred Lord was trailing her as well.

If she were to reveal her location by coming to Eight-stallion, it might end with death.

“I hope you do have a plan. Otherwise, just acting rashly means that you’re not worthy of your position as the successor of the Alliance.” He said.

She let out a soft sigh before answering: “I have thought about letting you see that thing from Primal, perhaps you will see through its mysteries.”

It has been in Primal for eras now but none was able to figure it out. Since Li Qiye could deduce the broken bone, perhaps he could repeat the feat.

“I’m a little interested in your ancestor’s remnant item. There should be a reason for it.” Li Qiye stroked his chin.

“Sounds like you know so much about our ancestor.” She stared at him.

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“A little bit. For example, what you called Regal Sky Dragon wasn’t its name.” Li Qiye smiled.

“No?” She didn’t believe it: “This is our sect’s secret, no one else knows how to use it. Ever since the very start, it is known as Regal Sky Dragon.”

“It is up to you whether to believe me or not, but its real name is Heavenraiser Tree. Your alliance must have changed its name.” Li Qiye smiled. [1]

“Heavenraiser Tree.” She had never heard of this title before and this went against the historical scrolls. The technique was heavily guarded and only given to elite disciples.

He shrugged, not really caring about the matter.

“Someone’s coming.” She suddenly stood up and turned around.

Sure enough, she saw figures coming from the forest nearby. It was a group of both men and women in court uniforms - all were powerful sovereigns.

The four strongest ones carried a palanquin engraved with gold and jade. The main symbol was that of a brilliant and noble phoenix.

“Damn.” Her expression soured after seeing the palanquin.

An aura engulfed the area and drowned them. This was akin to being stuck in a quagmire - escaping was impossible.

Though it wasn’t as suppressive as Ascension Sacred Lord’s saber intent, the aura took control of those caught in its domain. This was obviously another top cultivator.

“Illumination.” She knew who it was and wanted to run.

“Your regalia can’t be used right now.” Li Qiye shook his head.

She used it repeatedly earlier in order to run with Li Qiye. She lacked the power for prolonged activation.

Moreover, the aura coiled around her like a spiderweb at this point.

“Little Yun, no need to run.” The palanquin came close. A noble voice came from inside - clearly belonging to an elegant woman. She sounded dignified yet feminine - a perfect combination.

The veil was lifted and a woman came out. She was dressed in a phoenix dress embroidered with expensive jewels and jades. Each piece exuded bright divinity - a clear sign of exceptional quality.

She herself didn’t reveal her power; just her dress alone could freeze those nearby. She also had a phoenix crest made from divine metals. The phoenix was depicted with a pearl in its beak. This pearl poured down light and illuminated her oval face.

Fair skin, sculpted brows, gentle and moist eyes… Unlike Jian Yunyun’s, her eyes had a sexy charm and could seduce others.

The years have left their mark on her face. Nonetheless, this somehow only added to her charm and nobility.

“Empress Dowager.” Jian Yunyun bowed after the woman showed herself.

She was from Illumination and possessed two sacred fruits. Her origin was the divine race.

This kingdom was famous once, even superior to Deity and Primal at one point. In the past, people may not have heard of Primal but Illumination was certainly known.

Its founder was none other than Eternal Conqueror who had united the lower continents at one point.

During his golden age, even the three continents above couldn’t command him. This was a rare exception.

In history, the lineages in the lower continents always listened to commands from their superiors. For example, Deity listened to Celestial Court and Divine Alliance.

This wasn’t the case when Eternal was in charge. All lineages in his jurisdiction listened to him alone; the upper powers couldn’t interfere.

Illumination reached its peak with him alone. Alas, after his departure, Illumination declined and returned to being a subsidiary of Primal.

Nonetheless, it was currently one of the strongest powers in Primal. Their empress dowager was a great genius during her youth.

1. I searched for a while as well but didn’t see this technique in previous chapters ☜

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