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Chapter 919: 918 The Evil Duo Fight A Primordial

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Chapter 918 The Evil Duo Fight A Primordial

The God Serpents were fighting long enough that they didn't notice that Draco and Eva had left for a short while.f????????e????e????????૦????????

The Evil Duo ascended from the hidden cavern in Mount Everest and stood high in the atmosphere, with their arms folded. There was a cold and distant expression on their faces, like two foreign gods forced to come down to the mortal plane to deal with filthy mortals.

They sneered coldly at the world itself, feeling the length and breadth of their power which was at the very ceiling. With this kind of power, it was time to do something that they had put off for a while.

Draco tore open a wormhole in space which led to the hidden Mayan island near Nassau. There, Draco had once sensed that a primordial was sealed there, but didn't dare to open it due to fear.

However, not only was Draco no longer alone, but he had Eva by his side and they had both reached 100% purity! Dealing with a primordial like this would just be bullying, because they have killed Eternals way stronger than themselves before!

As such, when they descended upon the island, Draco and Eva smiled as one of their biggest assumptions had been solved. The aura of the primordials sealed here was definitely that of an Eternal, and a weak-rank one at that!

This fellow down there was no better than Hakrasha and co, so he would be easy pickings.

The smile on the Evil Duo's faced deepened as they thought of this and laughed to themselves. They couldn't help but look down on Lucifer and co for not being able to kill these simpletons, but then again, it was wrong to do so.

After all, Lucifer and co did not even know their true nature as Eternals. How many got a chance like Draco and Eva did to go to the Eternal World to gain power?

Draco waved a hand and sent a huge space blade flying down onto the island, slicing it in half and leaving it to sink into the sea as it caused great tectonic waves and tumultuous waves.

It was likely that Nassau and any nearby coast would be enjoying free tsunamis soon, but the Evil Duo didn't much care about that, the psychos they were.

Rather, their attention was focused on a giant being which was similar to a mass of deep sea algae, coral and rocks merged together with actual sea water as it rose to form a giant, towering body.

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"Hoh? An Eternal of the sea? So are planetary spawned Eternals based on some element or concept relating to planetary laws?" Draco pondered with an amused smile.

Eva's eyes flashed with impatience. "Whatever the case, It is something that will grovel at our feet. We will know the answers once we brutalize it."

Draco nodded and waved his hand, casually sending an orb of Destruction Energy flying at the Eternal that was still trying to gather power and get its bearings after so long.

The orb struck it and exploded, casually taking 40% of its body into oblivion, not even dust or ashes left. The Primordial screeched so loudly that Draco and Eva were sure that every human on the planet heard it.

Draco and Eva's faces became thicker with disdain. Just one little hit and it was this damaged? Then at this rather, a few blows would send it to the netherrealm!

How boring!

"Sigh, I can;t even be bothered to play with this thing. You can have it." Draco commented as he arrogantly looked away and began to leave slowly.

Eva rolled her eyes at being left to do the dirty work, but she obediently manifested her Avatar from her Light Angel branch, which was essentially a half body Susanoo. This time, to match her foe, she formed the full body of the avatar which was just a larger version of her self that was translucent and golden, holding the three regalia of japan.

In the avatar's right hand was the Yamata no Orochi, the legendary sword formed from orochi's tail. In its left was the giant mirror, Yata no Kagami, which allowed her to see through all lies and the true nature of the world, as well as reflect evil. On her neck was the Yasakani no Magatama, the necklace which allowed her to control the hearts and minds of people, as well as strengthen all lives.

In other words, even if Eva entered the Naruto universe, she could probably be counted as the one with the most decked out Susanoo in that world!

Eva lazily controlled the avatar to strike at the Primordial, slashing it with the sword in her right. This directly cleaved off his left side, causing it to fall back into the water and muddy it up with various debris.

The primordial roared with agony, and it seemed to teeter on the edge of destruction. It retaliated but spitting out a jet of water, but Eva lazily shone her mirror upon it which manifested a giant golden shield which easily deflected the attack.

Eva lost interest in this cheap and meaningless bullying, opting to deliver a final slash to end it all.

However, Draco and Eva's faces changed greatly when they simultaneously heard an ethereal 'crack' like glass shattering. They could sense that something had fundamentally changed in the world, or something had been restored that they didn't know of, causing the laws of earth to change.

The Evil Duo spat out a mouthful of blood as the new rules washed over them, which came with a brutal suppression that would have been almost fatal had they not wisely sealed themselves.

Luckily, this suppression was temporary, something they could work off in time. However, this was also the worst time for it to arrive, for to the horror and shock of the Evil Duo, the primordial they were beating up roared as it reformed almost magically.

It also became more condensed and seemed to recover its intelligence, its features becoming less monstrous and more humanoid, eventually forming a giant, muscular middle aged man with a flowing beard.

Of course, all the features above were formed through water, and there was a certain beauty to it compared to the chaos of before.

"Vile extraterrestrials, you dare to imprison me and my brethren who are natives to this world for so many eons?! What happened to our perpetual agreement?!"

The primordial spoke in a strange language, but Draco and Eva could understand its meaning using their psychic ability to read its intentions through its thoughts.

Sharing a look, Draco and Eva downloaded its knowledge of its language from its thoughts before replying coldly.

"Who's to say you would keep your end of the bargain? After all, we planned to leave this world and never come back, so what if you have ideas of oppressing our descendants?" Draco explained with a sneer.

"Not to mention, that agreement was only decided upon out of convenience and respect for mutual power. As of now, we don't need to adhere to any such tripe with our current power!" Eva uttered rudely and menacingly, not giving the primordial face at all.

Without even needing to see or hear it from its features or breathing, they could tell that the primordial they were talking to had flown into a rage.

"Vile Extraterrestrials, we gave you shelter upon our plane when you were cast out form the stars and this is how you repay us?!"

It was actually a good idea to appeal to morality since Draco and Eva were morally wrong in this situation, but it was also foolish and futile because they certainly did not care about such a thing.

Rather, they gave the primordial his answer but attacking together, Draco firing a large beam of Destruction while Eva used her avatar to strike with a heavy slash filled with light energy!

Seeing that they refused to repent and rather wanted to kill it, the primordial shook with murderous intent.

"Seeing as you refuse to change or acknowledge your evil, I will remind you why you were forced to sigh the agreement with us!" It roared as hundred of water arrows shot from the sea around them, their speed and killing power as if Poseidon himself was trying to end them.

Draco frowned and created barrier of Destruction Energy around his body while Eva waved the Yata no Kagami to form a defense. They still maintained their attacks too, letting them strike upon this lowly primordial in order to teach it a brutal lesson.

However, their cold smiles changed to shock and fear when they water arrows shattered both their defenses and tore through them rapidly, causing them to become sieves with countless holes.

If not for their tenacious lifeforce, Draco and Eva would have died here today. However, rather than surprise at being defeated, they were terrified and shocked by something else.

"Origin energy! You have access to Origin Energy!" Draco roared with horror.

"No, Draco we have to get out of here! Origin Energy is the highest form of power in this universe and we can't even access it due to the seal!" Eva replied with fear, slowly backing away as she healed herself.

Draco hesitated and gritted his teeth. "No! We can't leave! What if this bloody fellow goes up to take his other mates and free them?!"

Hearing this, Eva forcibly calmed down and realized that Draco was right. No matter what, they had to res-seal this fellow and deal with him at all costs!

"He may have access to origin energy because the planet itself is providing it to him. This is likely why Lucifer and co could not do anything to them and could only helplessly seal them!" Eva quickly deduced with a sharp glint.

Draco's expression became cold. "If this dog planet thinks it can behave atrociously, it had another thing coming. We literally sealed ourselves for your benefit and you dare to interfere in our right? Then lets remove the seal!"

Draco and Eva unhesitatingly removed their seals and flourished their power, not caring for the effect it would have on the world. Nothing changed physically, but in terms of laws and universal truths, those at a certain level of power could hear the entire planet screaming in agony and fear.

The face of the primordial changed greatly. "Normal rank Eternals! How can you exist here, in this corner of the universe? Shouldn't you be at the origin galaxy of this universe?!"

"No, stop right now! Seal your power once more, or everything will be destroyed!" The Primordial roared with fear.

Draco and Eva sneered. "Everything else will be destroyed. We will be perfectly fine!"

"What about your so called descendants, the humans?! Will you condemn them to death?!"

Draco and Eva smiled. "Eva can turn back time and bring back all those who died, while I can create a space bubble to protect them and give them a place to survive until we find new habitation."

The primordial understood the hidden message. "It seemed to struggle for a bit, but when the planet wailed once more on a certain frequency, its eyes became red as it eventually decided to acquiesce.

It glanced at Draco and Eva with a complex look and a bit of hatred as it began to dissolve slowly.

"Fine, I have destroyed my origin and cut my connection with the planet. Please seal yourselves and do not free my brethren, for not many are as understanding as I."

Draco and Eva watched coldly and made sure that its words rang true before they sighed and sealed themselves again. The planet came to a still as it calmed down, and the Evil Duo couldn't help but share a glance once more.

This entire experience had been exceedingly unpleasant, and it was definitely not something they would like to experience ever again.

Having learned their lesson, they quietly filed back to Mount Everest to see to their 'employees'.

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