If the Deep Sea Forgets You

Chapter 16: 16

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Chapter 16: Nobody Would Save Her

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Half an hour before he found the girl lying in front of the hospital, a black car had driven to a hidden corner in front of the hospital. The number plate could not be seen. The car stopped and nobody got out. The back door of the car was open, but it was difficult to make out the faces of the individuals through the dim lighting. After a short while, Mo Han saw a bloodied girl getting kicked out the car. She resembled an abandoned straw sack.

The moment he saw her, his heart trembled.

She was still conscious. She struggled to stand, clasping her abdomen as she trembled while walking forward. Maybe it was because she couldn’t make out her directions, so she only walked two steps forward, when she stumbled and fainted in the hospital lobby.

Afterwards, she never stood up again.

Slowly, the crowds started to gather. They all gathered around the girl who could not get up. They were perplexed and started to discuss with each other, unsure whether she was dead or alive. But not a single soul ventured forth to save her.

Old Zhang rewound the videotape to the moment the suspicious car opened its door. The screen was frozen at the moment the girl had been booted out of the car. “How strange! Why would this girl get thrown out of the car?”

Mo Han had a serious expression on his face. He furrowed his brows, his thoughts a mystery. He remained silent the whole time while staring motionless at the black sedan on the monitor.

Old Zhang could sense that this girl came from a complicated background. Obviously, before she had fallen down in front of the hospital, she had already been injured by a bunch of people. It was even to the point that those people did not want her to live. As to the reason for why they brazenly left the nearly dying her in front of the hospital? He could not even begin to fathom the answer.

Mo Han asked, “Is it possible to find out who was inside the car?”

Old Zhang shook his head. “That’s going to be a little difficult. The segment on the tape where they abandoned this girl is actually a visual blind spot. We can only make out the color of the car and how big the car is. As for the number plate and the people inside… it’s going to be tough to figure that out.”

After saying this, Old Zhang looked at Mo Han, who appeared to have a nervous facial expression on his face, and asked him suspiciously “What does this girl have to do with you? Is she your case’s victim or the litigant?”

“No. It’s just somebody I know. It has nothing to do with my case,” Mo Han answered flatly.

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Old Zhang smiled and patted his shoulder. “Barrister Mo, you actually made a personal visit to our station and it’s not even for your own case. I’m quite curious myself as to what this girl looks like.”

Mo Han laughed as well in an attempt to change the subject. “There’s something else I’ll need your help with.”

Old Zhang patted his own chest with conviction. “Tell me! Even if I don’t give anyone else time, I’ll have to give the great Barrister Mo some time! We’re talking about the top lawyer of S City here!”

Mo Han said, “Can you provide me with the records of girls under ten who have disappeared from S City over the past ten years? Preferably those who are orphans? Even those with parents who do not live in the city will be fine.”

Old Zhang was puzzled. “What do you want those for?”

Mo Han answered. “Don’t you worry. I won’t do anything illegal. I’m a lawyer after all.”

Old Zhang trusted Mo Han. Even though Mo Han was a lawyer, he had majored in economic law. The cases he fought were usually corporate cases and he never touched civil cases. However, his desire to get the information about missing girls baffled him.

Old Zhang opened up a cupboard and started flipping through a pile of papers, pointing to the dust that had accumulated. “Of course I can provide you with some information. Anyway the information is of no use to me. Maybe you can even use it to help me look for a couple of people.”

Mo Han said, “Thanks. I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

Old Zhang refused the offer. “Enough of that! Barrister Mo, I’m certain many people would want to accompany you for a meal. Those big bosses involved in lawsuits most certainly want your help as well. I doubt I deserve such treatment.”

Mo Han smiled lightly, took the documents, and rose from his seat, unwilling to intrude any further before making his way back to the office.

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