If the Deep Sea Forgets You

Chapter 24: 24

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Chapter 24: Buy Whatever You Want to Buy

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When Mo Han lay down, he cast a glance beneath his bed. Xia Qingyi was sound asleep on the rug, clutching her blanket, with a look of absolute bliss on her face. He could not understand what was so comfortable about this rug in his bedroom that she insisted on sleeping there.

But one thing he had to admit was that Xia Qingyi was extremely quiet while she slept. Mo Han had originally thought that as he was a light sleeper, he would not be able to sleep tonight. To think that Xia Qingyi slept without making a sound!

She was so quiet, even her breathing was barely audible.

In this extremely quiet atmosphere, Mo Han fell into a deep slumber. When he woke in the morning, it was to the sound of his alarm for the first time in history! In the past, he would naturally awaken half an hour before the allotted time set by the alarm clock.

He turned off his alarm clock and sat up. He could see the girl sleeping soundly on the floor. Her hair was a little messy—she was still wearing the clothes that he had given her yesterday. She clutched the rug to herself in one hand while hugging the slippers he had under his bed in the other!

Mo Han rolled his eyes and then nudged her gently with his feet. “Time to get up!”

The girl furrowed her brow and turned over, still holding his slippers, seeming not to have noticed what was happening.

“Wake up and pass me the slippers.” Mo Han’s voice was louder this time round.

Xia Qingyi had just woken from her slumber. She looked at Mo Han who was frowning and rubbed her eyes, still uncertain about what was happening.

Mo Han took the slippers away from her as though nothing had happened, and walked towards the bathroom. “Wake up. Today we’re going to take you to the hospital to get a check-up and change your medications.”

Xia Qingyi got up, ruffled her hair while looking half-asleep before returning to her room with the blanket.

Not long after, while Mo Han was still brushing his teeth, Xia Qingyi surveyed her room and how empty it was. She was still wearing the clothes he had given her. She ran over to the bathroom and knocked on the door, “I didn’t bring a change of clothes. What should I do? I don’t have my personal toiletries either.”

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It was then that Mo Han remembered that ever since she had woken up in the hospital, she had been wearing the oversized cotton shirt he had given her. She had no clothes of her own.

“Before going to the hospital, I’ll buy some for you. Wear the one I’ve given you first. I’ll give you a card. Just head to the supermarket to buy all your daily necessities yourself after we’re back.”

Xia Qingyi left again silently, washing her face simply. She did not have anything else to do after combing her hair so she sat on the sofa outside and waited for Mo Han to come out.

Mo Han was wearing a neat suit with a blue tie. He had the trademark stone-cold expression that all lawyers possessed. Holding an office bag, he strode down the stairs in large steps.

“Let’s go.” Mo Han called out to her when he came downstairs.

Xia Qingyi followed him into the car, and as Mo Han started up the engine, he said, “I don’t know anything about buying clothes. I’ll drop you at the entrance of the shopping mall and give you a card. You can buy whatever you need to, and when you’re done shopping give me a call.”

Recalling something once again, Mo Han continued, “Oh wait, you don’t have a cell phone, do you?”


“Then I’ll also buy you a cell phone. It’ll be much more convenient that way.”

“When am I going to school?”

“Not until your wound gets a bit better. I’ll let you report to school once the doctor gives his approval.”

“Is the school far from home?”

For Mo Han, the word ‘home’ was something very alien to him. In his mind, it had been been a long time since that word had appeared. In his world there was only a location, a house—there was no concept of home.

“Not far. There’s a hostel on the campus. If you don’t want to live there, you can come back and live here.”

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