If the Deep Sea Forgets You

Chapter 27: 27

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Chapter 27: I Am His Sister

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“Is it expensive…?” Xia Qingyi asked.

“388 yuan for the whole set.”

“Hmm… I’ll take it then..”

The saleswoman was still a little frazzled from selling a piece of clothing in under a minute.

“Just help me to take a look. As long as it’s in my size, isn’t too expensive and is suitable, I’ll buy it.” Xia Qingyi felt exhausted. She sat on the sofa, looking at the salesperson, evidently unconcerned about shopping.

The salesperson looked at her apprehensively. Seriously? This is happening? Was she really here to shop?

Just like that, under the shocked gaze of the salesperson, she completed the fastest sales transaction in the shop’s history. After she made her purchase, she changed into one of the new outfits she had just bought in the changing room and walked out with her shopping bag.

By the time she had everything she needed, she realized that the sky had darkened as she exited the shopping center. Layers of clouds pressed threateningly together overhead. It looked like it would rain.

She thought about what Mo Han had said about calling him when she finished shopping, but as she picked up her cell phone, she noticed that the address book was empty. It was only then that she realized another deadly problem.

She did not have his phone number.

Mo Han had realized that she did not have a cell phone and could not make a call, but he had not realized that she didn’t have his number either. Furthermore, even if she were to try to head home now, she could not remember what his house looked like. The last time she had visited, it had been three in the morning. It was dark outside and she could not see anything. She could only remember that the door to his house was orange.

But what use was that?! She couldn’t tell the driver that the place she wanted to go to a place that had an orange door, right!?

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Xia Qingyi realized that she had gotten herself into a particularly awkward situation. She looked at the sky outside and let out a deep sigh. The streetlamps had come on and the air outside was moist, signaling an incoming storm.

Standing at the side of the road and thinking for some time, she decided to get a taxi to Mo Han’s office, since this was the only place she recognized.

When she arrived at Mo Han’s office, she had remembered her injuries and was walking particularly carefully so as to not exert pressure on her wounds. By the time she moved her bags to reception, she was sweating profusely and she was so exhausted she could barely lift herself up. She could only sprawl on the reception desk and pant heavily while dropping her bags.

The receptionist looked at her strangely and asked, “Excuse me, is there anything I can help you with?”

Xia Qingyi was still panting heavily. “I’m… I-I’m… looking for… your Barrister Mo.”

The receptionist Zhang Li thought that this was one of Mo’s clients for a case, so she replied in a professional manner. “I’m sorry, but if you don’t have an appointment, you can’t see Barrister Mo.”

Xia Qingyi remembered that the last time she had come to the office, this lady had not been here. Instead, it was a short, bearded man. There were only two possibilities. Either this lady had worked his shift or he had worked this lady’s shift. It now seemed that the latter was a bigger possibility.

She caught her breath and stood up. Even though she felt a little uneasy, she managed to mumble, “I’m Barrister Mo’s younger sister.”

The receptionist Zhang Li was taken aback. She had never heard Barrister Mo mention that he had a sister? Barrister Mo had a great reputation within the legal industry. Could this be some new trick thought up by this person so that she could have Barrister Mo look over her case? But she was panting and carrying a lot of things so it didn’t seem likely?

Xia Qingyi saw that Zhang’s expression remained disbelieving, so she started to explain, “I really am Barrister Mo’s sister. Just give him a call and let him know.”

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