If the Deep Sea Forgets You

Chapter 40: 40

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Chapter 40: Go Sleep on the Bed

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“What dream did you have?”

Xia Qingyi wiped her face with her hand. She tried her best to recall her dream, only to realize that she could barely remember anything. She did not even know why she had cried.

“I… don’t know… I can only remember… my hand clutching a knife. It was really dark around… and I kept walking forward… I… I don’t know why I cried. I really don’t know…”Xia Qingyi only knew that her mind was very confused. The memories of her dream were blurry and fuzzy. She did not know where she was. A strong sense of helplessness wrapped around her heart as she felt the tears streaming down her face after she woke up.

“I’ll get you a glass of water,” Mo Han said as he glanced at her tired face.

When Mo Han was back, he noticed that Xia Qingyi had remained in the same position as when she had awoken from her dream. She was hunched on the floor, with her head resting on her knees. She was thinking of something, her expression lifeless, though Mo Han did not know what it was that she was thinking.

“Stop thinking about it. It’s just a nightmare.” Mo Han walked over and handed the glass of water to her.

“Do you think that… I… killed someone?” Xia Qingyi suddenly asked. Her thoughts were still questioning the ‘her’ in her dream.

Mo Han froze and turned to smile at her. “What are you thinking about? There’s no rationale for the things that you’re saying. Hurry up and drink your water. After you’re done drinking, wash your face and go back to sleep.”

“I… really didn’t kill anyone?” Xia Qingyi blinked and looked up at Mo Han seriously.

Mo Han took in Xia Qingyi’s appearance. Her eyes were red from all the crying. She had tears covering her face and messy hair. He replied, “No, you didn’t. Trust me. Don’t make too many assumptions because of a dream that had no basis of the truth. Now, hurry and wash your face. Then, go back to sleep.”

Xia Qingyi listened to Mo Han’s words obediently and rose up to head to the washroom. After she stood, she realized that both of her legs were like jelly. She felt as though she had just returned from Hell. She was still feeling a deep, lingering fear from the dream. She stared at her tear-covered and pale reflection in the mirror, as both of her hands propped her up on the sink while the tap ran. For the first time, she felt that she was a stranger to herself.

To a certain extent, a dream is a psychological reflection of real life. Many strange and unusual dreams can be explained by real-life incidents. What about her dreams? What did the dreams she had had when she had been comatose for a month in the hospital mean? Also, why had she cried in her dream tonight?

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Could it be that her injuries were related to the knife in her dream?

She suddenly realized that she seemed to have forgotten something important about dreams.

They could help to explain all the questions she had currently.

“Xia Qingyi.” Mo Han had knocked on the door from outside.

Xia Qingyi reined in her train of thought. She quickly turned off the running tap, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Is everything alright in there?” Mo Han had been paying attention from the moment she entered the washroom, but there had been no other sound except for the sound of running water. He was afraid that something else may have happened, so he had run to the washroom.

Xia Qingyi opened the door. She smiled as she replied, “Nothing is wrong.”

“You should go sleep on the bed.” Mo Han glanced at his bed. The blanket had already been made and placed neatly on his bed.

Xia Qingyi looked at him questioningly. “Why?”

“I told you to go to sleep so you should just go to sleep.” Mo Han had knelt down as he tidied whatever was on the floor.

“Are you going to sleep outside?” Xia Qingyi blinked at him pitifully, as if she was a small animal that was about to be abandoned.

Mo Han stopped momentarily. He looked up at Xia Qingyi, “I’m not going out. I’m going to sleep on the floor.”

Xia Qingyi relaxed momentarily. She sat by the side of the bed. She watched as Mo Han lay down on the rug. The blanket covering his upper body was not big enough to cover his long frame. Knowing that he was afraid that she would not sleep well and have another nightmare warmed her heart. Her lips curled upwards, and she said, “Thank you, older brother.”

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