Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 987: 987

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Chapter 987: 0988 descended from the sky!

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“Vice commander, what happened at the main peak of the Thunder Island? Did someone break into the main peak?”

In the central area of the Thunder Island, the members of the amethyst mercenary group cautiously approached the main peak. A female student couldn’t help but ask.


“Impossible, the main peak of the Thunder Island is extremely dangerous!”

Vice Commander Xiao shook his head, he looked at the huge mountain peak in front of him. “Even many of our academy’s higher-ups don’t dare to step onto the main peak, especially the position above the black cloud. In East Sea city, even a profound void martial artist wouldn’t dare to rashly charge through it!”

“Is it that dangerous?”

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The female student said with a face full of shock.

“The thunderstorm region is already very dangerous. The main peak of the Thunder Island is a dangerous place!”

Deputy Commander Xiao nodded slowly.

“Peng, Peng, Peng!”

At this moment, a series of loud sounds suddenly came from the top of the mountain.

This sound was like a fierce beast running.

“What’s the situation?”

The members of the amethyst mercenary group were slightly stunned, and their faces revealed a grave expression.

Deputy Commander Xiao and the other two extraordinary rank 6 women who did not belong to the Demon Hunter Academy hurriedly looked towards the top of the mountain.

“Not good, there are thunderfish roaring from the main peak. Everyone be careful, Retreat!”

Vice Commander Xiao looked over, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink as he loudly reminded.

The group of amethyst mercenary group girls held their weapons tightly as they slowly retreated.

However, the dozen or so frightened thunderfish on the main peak were extremely terrifying.

The group of girls hadn’t retreated far when the group of Thunderfish rushed down.

“Be careful, everyone be careful!”

“Not good, there are at least four or five transcendent level 6 thunderfish, the rest are all transcendent level 5!”

When the members of the amethyst mercenary group saw this situation, their expressions changed drastically.

“Immediately use the communication stone plate to call for help!”

Deputy Commander Xiao hurriedly shouted, his face revealing an embarrassed expression.

More than a dozen thunderfish had come at once, especially those five thunderfish. With their strength, they were completely unable to deal with them.

Back then, those five extraordinary rank 6 thunderfish were dealt with by more than 200 people at once.

Just their amethyst mercenary group of 28 people was completely not a match for this group of thunderfish.

In fact, they might even be killed by this group of thunderfish!

“Coo Coo Coo!”

The group of Thunderfish rushed down from the main peak. They looked at the members of the amethyst mercenary group, their bodies revealing their ferocity.

The dozen or so thunderfish stared at them coldly, completely treating them as food.

The eyes of the five transcendent rank 6 beasts slowly swayed their fish tails.

“Defense, we’ve already sent out the call for help. Soon, the members of the other mercenary groups will come over to help us!”

Seeing the group of thunderfish staring at them, vice commander Xiao growled in a low voice.

The girls of the amethyst mercenary group had cold sweat on their foreheads. They gritted their teeth and clenched the weapons in their hands tightly.


However, something troublesome happened. The group of Frightened Thunderfish instantly launched an attack, attacking the amethyst mercenary group.


Deputy Commander Xiao shouted and pulled out his long saber, directly slashing at a thunderfish.

A thousand-meter long saber light appeared in front of him. Deputy Commander Xiao’s strength was not weaker than a male’s.


The other girls had also been through countless trials and tribulations. Even if they encountered a fierce beast stronger than them, they did not panic at all.

“Little Qing, be careful!”

A girl beside her reminded Qin Qing.

Among them, Qin Qing’s strength was the weakest. Facing this group of beasts with the lowest rank of transcendence, she didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.


Qin Qing tightly gripped the long sword in her hand and nodded.

“Crackle crackle!”

Right at this moment, more than ten thunderfish released their attacks at the same time.

Lightning instantly covered a radius of a kilometer.

The group of amethyst mercenary group girls hurriedly put up their defenses.

Qin Qing also released a water screen on her body. However, although it blocked the attack of the thunderfish, the water screen was also destroyed.

This caused her expression to change slightly. One had to know that he was standing at the back, and her attack was the weakest.

It was not an exaggeration to say that if she were to defend against the Lightning directly, she would definitely be electrocuted to death.


The three rank 6 transcendents of the amethyst mercenary group shouted and charged forward.

A dozen rank 5 transcendents followed closely behind.

“Coo Coo Coo Coo!”

The group of thunderfish emitted lightning as they charged forward. They waved their fins and tails, releasing bolts of lightning snakes.

The bodies of the thunderfish weren’t that strong, but compared to humans, they were several times stronger.

Their fish scales flickered with lightning, and not only could they unleash powerful attacks, they also had powerful defenses.

“Surround and Attack!”

The group of people leaped into the sky, and 28 girls surrounded and attacked 15 beasts.


However, at this moment, a female member of the amethyst mercenary group let out a scream.

A female transcendent level 5 was swept by a transcendent level 6 thunderfish, and her body was heavily pushed back, spitting out blood.

She was heavily injured with just one strike.

Everyone’s expression changed.

The Gap was too big!

“Restrain them, restrain them!”

Deputy Commander Xiao’s expression changed drastically as he shouted loudly.

“It’s commander!”

The girls from the amethyst mercenary group felt a wave of fear in their hearts as they replied loudly.

Their expressions were extremely ugly as they unleashed all of their strength.

They were afraid that today they would…


Qin Qing and the four transcendent level 4 girls were restraining a transcendent level 5 thunderfish.

She seized an opportunity and slashed the longsword in her hand heavily onto the Thunderfish’s body.

However, what shocked him was that when the water energy condensed into a 100 meter long water sword landed on the thunderfish’s body, there wasn’t the slightest injury.

The thunderfish suddenly turned around and swept its gaze towards the four girls surrounding it. Its eyes revealed a disdainful expression.

It moved its fish whiskers and a lightning whip instantly attacked her.

The girl’s expression changed drastically, and the long sword in her hand quickly waved,

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

Tens of thousands of golden rays slashed at the Lightning Whip.

However, they were still unable to block the Lightning Whip.

Her expression changed drastically, and she hurriedly flew into the sky.


However, the Lightning Whip suddenly accelerated and directly swung at the girl’s body.


The girl’s body emitted a yellowish energy, but even so, she still let out a scream and landed heavily on the ground.

If it wasn’t for the transcendent level 4 armor, she might have died.

Seeing the girl fall, Lei Yu moved and attacked the girl on the right.

Qin Qing saw her companion fall to the ground in an instant and saw lei yu attacking her. Her face instantly turned pale.

She did not have transcendent level 4 armor. Once she was attacked, she would definitely die.

Her body trembled slightly.

“Water sword, water explosion!”

She gritted her teeth and immediately displayed her strongest ability.


However, the fish scales on the Thunder Fish’s body instantly emitted a blue light and charged towards Qin Qing without slowing down.

It opened its huge mouth, revealing densely packed teeth. Clearly, it wanted to Swallow Qin Qing in one gulp.

“Qin Qing, be careful!”

“Not good, Little Qing, quickly Dodge!”

“It’s over!”

When the surrounding girls saw this scene, their faces were filled with terror.

Qin Qing’s face was also filled with despair. A transcendent level 5 thunderfish was not something she could contend against.

“Father, mother, Brother!”

Her body trembled.


However, just as she thought that she was about to be swallowed into her stomach, something suddenly fell from the sky and directly smashed onto the head of the thunderfish!

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