Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 549: Bear-san, Makes Bear Plushies Together With Everyone

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Chapter 545 - Bear-san, Makes Bear Plushies Together With Everyone

Bear-san, Makes Bear Plushies Together With Everyone

While sleeping comfortably on a soft futon, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear woke me up.

“Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, isn’t it too early to wake me up?” (Yuna)


It seems to be earlier than usual.

Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear cried “kuun” at the wall.

I remembered that Fina and the other two were staying with us today. So I recalled asking Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to wake me up earlier than my routine.

I thanked Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear and changed into black bear gear. Then I went downstairs to prepare breakfast for the girls. I put the plates and cups on the table, then place bread on the plates. It looks as good as if it were freshly baked. Thank God for the bear box.

“Good morning, Yuna-oneesan.” (Fina)

As I finished preparing breakfast, Fina came down from upstairs.

“Good morning. What about Shuri and Sherry?” (Yuna)

“I woke them up, so I think they should be here soon.” (Fina)

Fina is reliable, as always.

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As Fina said, the two sleepy Shuri and Sherry came down shortly afterward.

“Good morning, you two.” (Yuna)

“Good morning, Yuna-oneechan.” (Shuri)

“Yuna-oneechan. Good morning.” (Sherry)

None of the three had dark circles under their eyes. It seems that they slept adequately and did not stay up late.

“Good morning, Swaying Bear-chan, Hugging Bear-chan.” (Shuri)

Shuri hugged Swaying Bear and sat on the sofa, where Swaying Bear curled up on.

“Shuri, let go of Swaying Bear-chan, go wash your face, have breakfast right away.” (Sherry)

“Un~” (Shuri)

Sherry took Shuri to wash her face.

While washing their faces, I took the milk out of the chiller. Now breakfast is ready.

Shuri and Shelly sat down after washing their faces.

“Well then, let’s do our best again today after eating.” (Yuna)

“Yes.” (Fina)

“Un~!” (Shuri)

“Yes!” (Sherry)

We all said “Itadakimasu” and started eating the bread.

Then, after finishing breakfast, Sherry continued making the pattern she left yesterday. Until the pattern was ready, Fina and Shuri, who were free, went to work with Tirumina-san and returned as soon as they finished helping.

“Yuna-oneechan. If you could hand this to the shop, I think Naru-san will understand.” (Sherry)

Sherry gave me a piece of paper. It was the list of the materials needed to make the plushies.

Instead of Sherry, I, who was free, decided to go to the store to pick up the materials.

“Alright then.” (Yuna)

“But, Yuna-oneechan, is it really okay?” (Sherry)

“It’s fine. I’m free anyways.” (Yuna)

That would be a more efficient use of time.

I took the paper and headed to Naru-san’s shop.

“Good morning.” (Yuna)

“Ara, Yuna-chan, welcome. What can I help you with today? Sherry went to your place, but isn’t she with you?” (Naru)

“No, Sherry gave me a piece of paper with the list of materials for the plushies.” (Yuna)

I handed the paper that Sherry wrote to Naru-san. Naru-san looked at the paper.

“As I thought, you’re going to use quite a lot of cloth. And light cotton. You’ll need a lot of this, too.” (Naru)

It’s a life-size plushie. It will cost a huge amount of materials. I’m not worried about the money. I’m more worried about the materials.

“Do you have them?” (Yuna)

“Fufu, of course, we have it. But we don’t have light cotton in stock, so you’ll have to order it.” (Naru)

“The fabric would be fine right now. We’re still working on the pattern.” (Yuna)

Cotton would be added at the end, so we’re still good as long as we have the cloth right now.

“Understood, I’ll go get it for you now.” (Naru)

Naru-san went to the back room and brought me fabric, thread, and anything else we needed.

“I think this should be enough.” (Naru)

“Thank you very much.” (Yuna)

I gave my thanks and paid for the items.

I knew it, but it was far more expensive than the cost of the cloth for the bear cub plushies. The cotton would be purchased later, as it would arrive later.

I stuffed it all in the bear box and returned to the bear house.

“Sherry, I got the fabric.” (Yuna)

“Thank you very much.” (Sherry)

I took the cloth out of the bear box and put it somewhere out of the way. Then I watched Sherry at work while I hung out with Swaying ear and Hugging Bear in cub form. Sherry was working just as quietly as she was yesterday. I asked her casually.

“Sherry, are you happy?” (Yuna)

“What was that, out of the blue?” (Sherry)

Sherry looked at me with a surprised expression on her face at my question.

“Nah, I’m just asking.” (Yuna)

Sherry grew up in an orphanage and now works in Temoka-san and Naru-san’s store.

“I am happy. Since Yuna-oneechan’s arrival, everyone has more smiles and seems to be having fun every day. Temoka-san and Naru-san have taught me how to do my job, so every day is fun for me.” (Sherry)

From Sherry’s face, it doesn’t look like she’s lying.

“Naru-san said I could stay in the store for as long as I wanted.” (Sherry)

Was that a roundabout way of saying they wanted her to be their daughter?

“I can see the future, which I was worried regarding. So, I am happy.”

Sherry replied with a big smile.

“But why are you asking me that?” (Sherry)

“I was just wondering, Sherry. What if you didn’t want to do your job? It would be my fault you’re in this situation, isn’t it?” (Yuna)

It all started when Sherry gave me a cushion with a bear embroidered on it. She ended up making bear uniforms for the store, stuffed animals, and even swimsuits.

As the person who initiated the current situation, I am concerned about it.

“Thanks to Yuna-oneechan, I’m happy. Perhaps everyone at the orphanage thinks so too.” (Sherry)

Sherry answered shyly.

If that were indeed the case, that would be great.

Then, while we were having an idle conversation, Fina and Shuri came in after work.

“What do we do now?” (Fina)

We haven’t finished all the stencils yet.

Well, it was my fault for talking to her, so it was also my fault for being late.

“Shall we cut the fabric from the pattern we have already made?” (Sherry)

Sherry suggested that we, who were available, should try it.

“I agree.” (Yuna)

We were to cut the fabric according to the pattern that Sherry had made.

“Well, Sherry did a great job, so let’s do the same.” (Yuna)

“Yes!” (Fina)

“Un~!” (Shuri)

Fina and I worked on the larger parts, and Shuri worked on the smaller details such as ears, tails, and paw pads.

We cut the fabric according to the pattern that Sherry had made for us.

Once the fabric was cut, all that was left to do was to sew them together.

While we were making stuffed toys, we heard voices outside the bear house.

“Yuna-san, are you there?”

It’s Noa’s voice.

“That’s Noa-sama isn’t it?” (Fina)

“Noa-oneechan?” (Shuri)

“It’s Noire-sama!?” (Sherry)

The girls also responded to Noa’s voice.

“Yuna-oneesan. Is it safe for Noa-sama to know?” (Fina)

Fina looked around. The room was full of all sorts of stuffed animal parts.

Basically, a birthday present was something that should be kept from the person in question until the day of the event. This time, however, there was no need for a surprise. After all, it was Noa’s own request. She already knew what she was going to receive. So there was no problem if she saw us making it.

“I think it’s alright. She requested it herself after all.” (Yuna)

I responded and opened the door.

“Welcome. What brings you today?” (Yuna)

“Today, I came to talk about the stuffed animals.” (Noa)

There’s a big smile on her face.

“The Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear plushies as your birthday present?” (Yuna)

“Yes!” (Noa)

Noa responded cheerfully.

Come to think of it, I remember having a conversation with her about making it together.

She wasn’t kidding, apparently.

“May I come inside your house?” (Noa)

“I mean, it’s okay. It’s kinda hard to say, but I’m already in the process of making it.” (Yuna)

“Eh~” (Noa)

Noa’s eyes went wide.

“What do you mean?” (Noa)

“It’s just as I said. Right now, I’m making it with Fina and the others.” (Yuna)

Noa entered the bear house.

“Noa-sama, hello.” (Fina)

“Hello Noa-oneechan.” (Shuri)

“Noire-sama, he-, hello.” (Sherry)

Fina and Shuri greeted Noa as she entered the room normally. Sherry looked a little nervous.

“Fina, Shuri, Sherry, hello. Why are you making the stuffed animals without me?” (Noa)

Fina looks troubled at Noa’s words.

“Because this is a present for Noa-sama.” (Fina)

“Yeah, Noa-oneechan’s present.” (Shuri)

“……” (Sherry)

No offense to you three. I just didn’t tell you that Noa and I were going to make it together.

“Yuna-san, why didn’t you invite me?” (Noa)

“Because it’s a birthday present for you, Noa?” (Yuna)

“I said I would help you make it too.” (Noa)

Noa looked a little frustrated.

“It’s your present, so you don’t have to make it as well.” (Yuna)

“I’m happy that you guys are giving me these as a gift. But if we make it together, whenever I see these bears, I will remember that I made it with Yuna-san and the others. I think it will be more memorable than a normal gift. That’s why I want to make them with you.” (Noa)

I know what Noa was trying to say.

Doing it together was more memorable than doing it alone. She remembers the dishes she made with Fina, but she doesn’t remember the dishes she made by herself.

If it’s a daily thing, it’s just fine, but for an anniversary, such as a birthday, it will be more memorable.

“Let’s do it together then.” (Yuna)

“Are we going to make it together with Noa-oneechan?” (Shuri)

“Yes. Please let me work with you.” (Noa)

Noa also decided to make it with us and joined the circle.

The work on making Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear plushies began at the bear house, including Noa.


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