Lust Knight

Chapter 38: 38 My Queen part 1

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Chapter 38 My Queen part 1

"Queen?!" Lucien was confused. He didn't know much about Mia, but he didn't expect her to be a princess. Of course, he thought it was suitable as she looked like a beautiful princess.

Mia couldn't think of anything other than what they did in the bath and how it would help her mother...

Astrid stood between Lucien and Cassidy's bed to defending her. "You must be kidding! How will you heal the Queen doing these things to her?"

Before Mia could speak in his defense, Lucien explained his point. "The poison is taking control of her body more and more every second. I can wake her up with a little bit of my saliva, so she'll say if she wants my help or not."

Then Mia stepped in front of Lucien, facing Astrid. "I trust him. If you don't do the same, you can leave."

Astrid was very confused. She always tried her best to protect Cassidy but was not doing a good job... Now, she met Lucien and felt a connection with him, but then they ended up in this strange situation...

She had to make an important decision and trusted her instincts, which had never let her down. "I trust you, Lucien. Please, help her!"

Lucien kissed Mia on the forehead, next on Astrid, then approached the bed. He can stop thinking that it is strange to kiss an unconscious woman, but as necessary, he kissed Cassidy, to give his saliva full of life mana to the beautiful sleeping Queen.

He started slowly kissing her soft lips kindly. Then gently, he pulled her delicate chin to open her mouth only enough for his tongue to enter in and find hers.

Lucien felt a bitter taste that must be the poison, which had already spread throughout her body. Lust warned him that probably no poison in that world could overcome the great life affinity that he received from Sophia, so he continued to kiss without worry.

In addition to the slightly bitter taste, Lucien also savored Cassidy's mouth taste, which he found wonderful. She was so fragrant that he couldn't help but have a reaction. Even though the Queen was sick, she was a woman who could only be described as a stunning beauty.

Lucien licked Cassidy's tongue gently as he explored her mouth, making a mess with his saliva. He was leaning over her so he could hear the Queen's heartbeat with his powerful senses. He felt her body having a slight reaction after he made her swallow a bit of his saliva. It looked like the plan was working fast.

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He continued for several more seconds while Cassidy's body struggled against the poison. Her body understood that Lucien's saliva was the medicine that was helping her to fight the toxin, so she instinctively started to suck his mouth, still unconscious.

Lucien responded to the reaction of Cassidy's tongue by increasing the intensity of the kiss. Her body was very tired of fighting so much against the poison, but Lucien's saliva was recovering her energy very quickly.

It didn't take Cassidy long to wake up and hug Lucien instinctively as she pulled his body against hers to suck as much of that wonderful saliva as possible.

Lust saw how Cassidy tried to devour Lucien's mouth and can't help but comment in his mind. "Damn, Lucien! Does this life mana plus my powers make you so irresistible like that?"

Mia and Astrid couldn't help but blush when they saw Lucien kiss Cassidy. And they were surprised when she started to respond to his kiss... They loved Cassidy, but part of them envied the Queen at that moment...

Cassidy still had her eyes closed but started to pull Lucien more and more. He didn't want to fall on top of her, hurting her, so he acted quickly and lay on the bed, putting Cassidy's body on top of him.

The Queen's body did not want to separate from Lucien's, so she kept kissing and wanting more and more of him. Lucien was also enjoying the intense kiss with the beautiful Queen, but after a while, he felt a little wrong.

She was kissing him because his saliva was healing her body. Of course, he wanted to help heal her, but he also couldn't help wanting her to kiss him willing, so he broke the kiss to try to talk to Cassidy.

Cassidy followed Lucien's mouth when he moved his head away from her. She looked like a child wanting her candy back and begged for it as she slowly opened her eyes. "Please... Give me more..."

Lucien wanted to discuss with Cassidy what they were going to do next, but how could he deny her request? He found it very difficult to deny that beautiful cute Queen, who sweetly implored for him to kiss her.

"Just a little more now." Lucien brought his head close to Cassidy's.

Cassidy had already opened her eyes and saw Lucien's beautiful face. Her body had no resistance against him, and she accepted everything without questioning.

Lucien kissed Cassidy vigorously as she responded animatedly. Their tongues were fighting in such a pleasant mess, which they could keep for hours...

Mia couldn't stop staring at their kiss while her body got hot. She felt ashamed for being horny seeing her mother and her future husband together, but she also was pleased as both were her most precious people...

Astrid was also horny because she still felt Lucien's taste in her mouth... But she thought he must have seduced Cassidy just as he did with her, and was worried for the Queen. "She's already awake! So, ask if she really wants it..."

Lucien also wanted Cassidy to understand what they were doing. Of course, so that they can do much more willingly.

He broke the kiss again, but as she was on top of him, it was easy for Cassidy to lower her head and continue kissing him. Lucien closed his mouth, and the Queen can only kiss his lips...

"Cassidy... mm... you have to... haha... hear me... mmmm..." Lucien tried to speak, but the Queen was kissing his lips, and he could not open his mouth, or her tongue would enter in. Cassidy acted very cutely, and Lucien found both funny and pleasurable, the affection he was receiving from her.

Cassidy continued to kiss Lucien's lips. She wanted to taste more of his mouth... Her body never wanted anything that much before. "Call me Queen... Who are you? And why are you so delicious?"

Lucien realized that Cassidy was better and turned his body, rotating their position. Now, he was lying on top of her, and he kissed her pretty mouth quickly. "Queen, if you don't want to talk, I can eat you now, just don't complain later."

Mia turned away when she heard Lucien's words. She couldn't handle that hot sensation...

But Astrid acted quickly by shouldering Lucien, throwing him to the floor while quickly spoke to Cassidy. "My Queen, I'm sorry for not being able to help you properly, and allow this rascal to take advantage of you."

Cassidy was surprised to see Astrid. They shouldn't be together in the same place as it would be hazardous, but she was also happy because she missed her best friend so much. "Astrid! Are you okay? Hug me!"

Astrid hugged Cassidy while she was thrilled. She loved the Queen as her sister, but they couldn't be together, and she couldn't even help her with the poison...

While hugging Astrid, Cassidy saw Mia in the room and understood a little about the situation. "Mia, is he your Lucien?"

Mia approached them to join the hug with her mother and Astrid. "Yes, mom. He can cure you, but... he needs to use his body and... you have to do things... I swear it is all true... as it happened to me after doing with him... you know."

Cassidy understood everything. She heard Mia's story about her body getting better after doing naughty things with Lucien so, she didn't doubt it, but still wanted to know from Lucien how it worked.

Lucien, who had already stood up from the floor, gave Astrid a strange smile and then looked seriously at Cassidy.

"Life mana flows through my body, but I am not a healing mage, and I cannot cast any magic. So, I can only cure you with my essences... The more directly, the better... Pleasure also stimulates my skills, making the whole process easier."

Not only Cassidy, but everyone was shocked by Lucien's direct words. It was so bizarre, but they trusted him more and more, so it only took them a second to process that such a strange thing exists.

Cassidy was sick for a year, and all these days, she was fighting the poison with the desire to protect her daughter and take revenge on those who attacked them. She dreamed of having a chance to do something, and now Lucien was offering her that chance.

She looked at him seriously and made her decision. "It's all right. But you have to promise me that we will only do this to heal my body, and you will remain totally loyal to Mia and only her ever."

Lust laughed in Lucien's mind while he didn't know what to say. Astrid couldn't help being embarrassed, but she already made her decision, so she had to tell the truth.

"My Queen, me and this rascal... I'm sorry. I didn't know he was Mia's man..."

Cassidy loved her daughter very much and wanted the best for her so she couldn't help shouting at Lucien. "What? Do you expect to stay with my daughter and also make a harem? You must be kidding!"

Mia wanted to say that she didn't care, but Lucien answered earlier. "Does that mean I love her less? Or that I will not take good care of her? Why can't we be a big happy family?"

"What? I don't... You..." Cassidy didn't know how to respond. If he were so good, he could make Mia and Astrid happy, but she couldn't help but worry about them...

Lucien continued to give Cassidy no time to argue further. "Is this the best time to discuss it? The poison is still in your body, so we're going to resolve that first and other things later."

Everyone agreed that the most important thing now was to heal the Queen. Then Lucien started taking off his shirt, making the cute trio blush. "I don't care if you watch, but will the Queen be comfortable with that?"

Mia and Astrid couldn't help imagining the scene of the Queen moaning in Lucien's arms and blushed even more as their bodies became horny.

Lust could only laugh in Lucien's mind. "It would be a hot party, and I wouldn't mind using my small mana reserves to participate... But now, you have to focus all of your essences on combating the poison."

Lucien could not deny that the idea of ​​having them all in his arms was pleasant, and he had a prediction that it would not be long before this happens...

But now it was the Queen's time, and he had to focus entirely on her so that the process would be as fast and effective enough to eradicate the poison completely.

He continued to take off his clothes, and the trio could only enjoy the show. But when he was only in his underwear, Cassidy hugged Mia and Astrid. "I can't do that in front of you, so please wait outside."

As Mia and Astrid left the room, Lucien said something that made them blush even more. "It won't be fast."

Cassidy did not know what to do and was lost in thoughts. When the door closed after Mia and Astrid left, Lucien wasted no time and climbed on the bed while smiling at Cassidy. "I will take good care of you, my Queen..."

She didn't know what to do. She wanted to think of it as a peculiar healing session, but her body wanted Lucien to not only curing the poison but because the kiss he gave her was the best feeling her body had ever felt, and she wanted so much more of him...

Lucien approached Cassidy and held her two arms against the bed as he started kissing her neck. "Beg as you begged before, or I will not give it to you."

Cassidy was a proud Queen and a powerful warrior. But now she couldn't do anything against Lucien, who seemed to want to teaser her that much... And she wanted it that much... So, she abandoned her pride not only to recover but to feel what she had never felt before...

"Kiss me, pleaseee... Give me everything you have!!"

"Yes, my Queen..." Then Lucien began to kiss Cassidy passionately. His tongue entered her little mouth to play and explore, and her tongue followed his movements obediently.

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