My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 20: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Planning A Scheme

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What was the blueprint that Su Wen took out?

It was a sports car!

Weren’t they talking about showing off? Bringing over some rare and precious treasures for the wealth competition?

If he could produce a sports car, Su Wen could almost predict that he would definitely have the upper hand in this competition!

Mo Xin quickly gathered all the spiritual masters.

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Everyone looked at Su Wen’s drawing and started discussing.

“If we utilize Fiery Stone inside and the magic formation to control the degree of activation, this will allow flames to shoot out from the tail and push forward the vehicle. This way, it seems like the object will be able to move.”

“But the price of the Fiery Stone is not cheap, and its sustainability is not strong. Its stability is also not good enough. Since we require a push, the more expensive Berserk Wind Crystal seems to be a better choice.”

“What about the problem of steering and turning around? How does this steering wheel control the movements through?”

“Why not just stick to horse riding?”

“Why must the door open up towards the sky?”

“The interior is so small, only two people can sit inside. It is not wise to waste so many materials on it.”

Su Wen could only try his best to answer the spiritual masters’ questions.

This was a huge problem for him.

Because he was only aware of how the outer appearance looked, everything inside had to be solved by these spiritual masters.

However, it was obvious that Su Wen’s sports car was an eye-opener for them.

This was something they had never expected to see in their lives.

Gradually, the discussion shifted.

“If you say that the entire body of this thing is made of steel, then it seems to be quite useful in battle.”

“But in that case, the bottom plate cannot be too low, or it will be very difficult to pass through certain areas or roads.”

“This wheel is made out of rubber? Wouldn’t it be easily damaged? Why don’t we change it to iron?”

“Then wouldn’t it be a disaster if you were to bump into an unreasonable person blocking your path while seated inside?”

“Why do you need to be comfortable if you’re fighting in a battle? Do you think you’re like Young Master Su, using it to compete in wealth?”

Mo Xin watched as his spiritual masters fell into a discussion. He smiled at Su Wen and said, “Young Master Su, they are like this. Once they encounter something new, they forget themselves. But don’t worry, I will do my best to achieve the effect Young Master Su wants within nine days.”

Su Wen nodded and said, “Alright, but remember, you must follow my drawing. If you don’t make it look good, do you understand the consequences?”

“Don’t worry, Young Master Su! I won’t embarrass you.”

Su Wen did not want to lose to Xue Meng.

Watching Su Wen leave, the masters couldn’t help but sigh.

“Young Master Su, this guy really has a lot of ideas. Someone like him should have entered the Spiritual Master Residence.”

“Indeed, this design can be said to be unconstrained and unrestrained. I never thought that there could be such a thing in this world.”

“However, the sports car that Young Master Su drew looks a little strange at first, but the more I look at it, the more interesting it looks. I wonder what it looks like when it’s made from real materials.”

After leaving the Spiritual Master Residence, Su Wen went straight home. The moment he entered, someone reported to him.

“Young Master, the Crown Prince sent a letter to invite you to the Crown Prince’s residence for a banquet tonight to celebrate your appointment as the East City’s deputy garrison commander.”

Su Wen frowned a little before saying, “I understand. Is my father back?”

“Master is in the study.”

Su Wen went to the study and knocked on the door.

Upon seeing Su Changqing, Su Wen went straight to the point. “Father, the crown prince sent an invitation to invite me to the banquet.”

Su Changqing smiled and said, “Just go.”

Su Wen frowned and said, “But the crown prince invited me to the banquet. If I go, won’t others think that I’m part of the crown prince’s faction? What will His Majesty think if I take sides like this?”

Su Changqing looked at Su Wen and said with a smile, “My son, think about it carefully. You went to Hundred Flowers Pavilion with the Second Prince and now the Crown Prince is inviting you to a banquet but you’re not going. Wouldn’t that tell others that you’re part of the Second Prince’s faction?”

Su Wen was stunned. He had not expected this.

Su Changqing continued, “As for His Majesty’s side, he won’t have any thoughts about it. As long as you don’t stand on the side of the crown prince in the imperial court, then no one will think that you’re part of the crown prince’s faction.”

“Let’s put it this way, the crown prince is the crown prince after all. His face must be given to those who are officials in the imperial court. If he invites you to attend the banquet and you don’t go, then how can the royal family still maintain their reputation?”

“So, you should go, you should eat to your heart’s content. Whatever the crown prince says, you just have to comply. In any case, once you leave the crown prince’s residence, how you go about doing it is still your own business.”

Su Wen understood after hearing Su Changqing’s words.

He had to give face to the Crown Prince.

He then told Su Changqing about what happened during the day. After he finished narrating, Su Wen put forth his opinions, “Father, Yan Luoying has formed an alliance with me, but she has touched the biggest profit generator in the Patrol Guards. She will definitely lose the hearts of the guards.”

“Now, the initiative is in my hands. One option would be for me to sincerely form an alliance with Yan Luoying, purge the Patrol Guards and properly govern the East District. The other would be for me to take advantage of the unhappiness in the Patrol Guards to obtain their loyalty, and then oust Yan Luoying from her position.”

Su Changqing touched his chin and mused, “I’m afraid that if you want to form an alliance with Yan Luoying, the Patrol Guards will be thrown into chaos. This will naturally translate to the East District entering a period of chaos. However, if you want to take the opportunity to chase Yan Luoying away, I’m afraid it will be a futile mission. This is because the person standing behind Yan Luoying is His Majesty.”

“To put it bluntly, no matter how badly Yan Luoying performs in her role as East District Commander, His Majesty will not reprimand her too much because he still needs to stabilize Yan Ze’s heart. Therefore, this is also the reason why Yan Luoying dared to come up and touch the greatest profit generator of the Guards. Comparing them both, it’s better to form an alliance with this woman.”

At this point, a playful smile appeared on Su Changqing’s face. “This Yan Luoying is quite interesting. I’m afraid that the alliance between her and you is not as simple as it seems on the surface. This woman wants to borrow your hand to use my power. As long as you have my support, the East District Patrol Guards is just a small matter. At the same time, she is also digging a hole for you. Can you tell?”

Su Wen said with a smile, “Of course I can tell. This fellow deliberately told me to continue being a playboy, while she would offend His Majesty with her words. It looks like she’s trying to prevent me from offending His Majesty, but if I really continue like this, I’m afraid the person His Majesty will hate the most in his heart is me. Therefore, what I did with Yumian is a one-time affair. Any more and it will leave too many traces. I should still have some sense of propriety.”

The two seemed to be in an alliance to ease the tension between them, but inside, they were scheming against each other.

Su Changqing nodded his head in satisfaction. From the looks of it now, Su Wen was the most suitable person to fight in the royal court.

“It seems that Yan Luoying has miscalculated. I will not interfere with the matters of the Guards. You have to settle it yourself.” Su Changqing explained, “The Patrol Guards Garrison is actually a test given by His Majesty. He is looking at yours and Yan Luoying’s character. This is especially so for Luoying since she’s a rare talent. If His Majesty wants to use her, he must know her heart and do things openly. If I interfere, His Majesty will be unhappy. Therefore, I cannot help with any matters regarding this.”

Su Wen could tell that something was amiss. He asked curiously, “Could it be that His Majesty also knows about the benefits received by the guards?”

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