My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 41: Guilty

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Chapter 41: Guilty

According to Zhao Jin’s thoughts, these people were indeed framing Su Wen, but the latter did not care. To put it bluntly, his father’s money would probably be handed over to the national treasury in two days.

The people from the Spiritual Master Residence had indeed overplayed a little. However, they had after all managed to create the final product he wanted.

They would definitely be useful in the future, so why should he be nitpick with them?

Furthermore, just as Su Wen had said, wasn’t it normal to conduct experiments after research and development? Otherwise, how would they know the safety and performance of the experiments?

Su Wen could understand this. After all, he was there to compete in wealth. If he drove halfway and the car broke down, wouldn’t he be laughed at by his opponent?

When Mo Xin heard Su Wen’s words, he immediately felt that Su Wen agreed with him. He hurriedly said, “That’s indeed the case. The one we built at the start disintegrated after driving for less than 500 meters. However, the one we’re constructing now can already exhaust all the energy arrays in the car without any problems. It can even be driven by ordinary people. This is simply an unprecedented divine item.”

He was quite proud of himself. After all, he had personally researched this item with his people.

However, Su Wen knew very well that ordinary people could not even operate this thing.

After all, there were no safety measures in his car.

It would be fine if the driver had a strong body, but if the driver was weak, the end result would see both the car and the driver turn to scrap.

“Alright, there’ll no problem with the money. In a while, I’ll get someone to send the car over to the residence. The money will be paid then. In addition, I’ll add on an additional 100,000 taels of silver, take it as your hard-earned money.”

Hearing Su Wen’s words, Mo Xin was overjoyed and smiled. “Thank you, Young Master Su.”

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He said proudly, “After developing a sports car this time, I already have a lot of ideas about missiles. Since you’re satisfied, I can go back and study in peace!”

Su Wen was dumbstruck. Why was this guy so obsessed over missiles? If he knew this would happen, he would not have said so much the last time. Why did he have to spout stuff like since fireworks could fly and explode, if they could fly for a hundred miles and land in the enemy’s camp, as long as the explosion was powerful enough, they would turn into ‘missiles’?

In the end, this fellow was actually paying attention and was even amazed by this idea.

Whatever the case, Su Wen was now more relaxed upon seeing that the Spiritual Master Residence had achieved a satisfactory result.

He then smiled at Zhao Jin. “Come, let’s make another trip to the Patrol Office. I haven’t been there in days, I wonder how things are going.”

Su Wen brought Zhao Jin to the Patrol Guards Office. Upon entering, they saw many guards bustling about.

It was completely different from the scene when he first arrived.

Su Wen saw Yan Luoying with her head buried in her documents when he walked into the conference room.

“Oh, Lady Yan, are you busy?”

Hearing his voice, she looked up and said in a resentful tone, “Young Master Su, my great young master, the moment you went off, you disappeared for a good few days. The Eastern District has been in a mess these days!”

That’s right. Over the past few days, the East District had turned into a boiling pot.

Various incidents happened frequently. The gangs collected protection fees, fought, and seized territory. Everything was no longer under Yan Luoying’s control.

The guards did their best, but even that was useless.

Yan Luoying even sent those guards who created trouble to jail. This behavior only caused more complaints from the Guard Office.

As for Yan Luoying, she had been embroiled in all sorts of events so far.

The more she wanted to do it well, the busier she became, and the more flustered she became.

However, no matter what she did, things never seemed to change.

After hearing Luoying’s rants, Su Wen laughed. He shook his head as he spoke in a helpless tone, “My Lady Yan, you really are interesting. I even wonder how you managed to break through Fort Boulder. You were able to ruthlessly slaughter 400,000 soldiers and civilians of the enemy country. Don’t you know when to be ruthless?”

Yan Luoying was stunned. She asked, “Who are you going to kill? A guard? Or a troublemaker?”

Just as Su Wen was about to reply, a eunuch came in from outside and passed down a decree. “Today is the Seventh Princess’s birthday celebration. His Majesty has issued a decree to send Su Wen into the palace to accompany the celebration.”

Su Wen was stunned. The Seventh Princess? Who was that?

The Zhou Emperor had many children. Putting aside his sons, the most famous princess was the fifth princess, Zhao Xuanxuan. She was talented and beautiful, famous in the imperial capital. As for the seventh princess, Su Wen had never even heard of her before.

“Why would His Majesty summon me to the palace for such an event?” Su Wen casually handed over a banknote, causing Yan Luoying to raise her eyebrows.

The eunuch received it and said with a smile, “Many thanks for Young Master Su’s generosity. This servant doesn’t know what His Majesty is thinking, but His Majesty didn’t just summon Young Master Su. Many young masters and young mistresses of the noble and influential families have been summoned. Perhaps he wants everyone to join in the fun.”

Su Wen turned around and said to Yan Luoying, “Hang in there for a while. After I’m done with my work for the next two days, I’ll help you deal with these demons.”

Yan Luoying glanced at Su Wen. To her, ever since she entered the capital, she had always been alone. Although she had formed an alliance with Su Wen, she only did so with the intention to end the engagement as soon as possible. She never thought that anyone would help her.

It was the same in the Patrol Guard Office. Everyone hated and rejected her.

However, the last time she was lectured by Su Wen to capture the hearts of the people in the Guard Office. In addition, Su Wen also testified for her during the court assembly.

At this moment, to think that Su Wen would still promise to help her settle the situation. Yan Luoying looked at Su Wen. For some reason, she suddenly felt a sense of relief and guilt. She felt that she shouldn’t have dug a hole for Su Wen.

“When you go to the palace, don’t be frivolous and make His Majesty unhappy,” Yan Luoying reminded.

Su Wen smiled and said, “You’re wrong. I should be more frivolous. Wouldn’t it just nice for you to ask His Majesty to end the engagement?”

Yan Luoying shook her head. “As long as you and I don’t agree, there will always be a chance. The palace is full of powerful people. It’s not worth it for you to be punished for your frivolous behavior.”

The eunuch was a little anxious and said, “Young Master Su, let’s go. If we delay the time, His Majesty will be displeased.”


Su Wen then left with the eunuch.

Yan Luoying watched them leave and shook her head. She thought about what Su Wen had said. Was she not ruthless enough? If so, how could she then be more ruthless?

To her, the most ruthless and best method was to kill. However, was killing useful now?

And who should she kill?

Su Wen left the patrolling area while Zhao Jin rode a horse carriage over to bring Su Wen and the eunuch to the Royal Palace.

When both of them got off the carriage. Su Wen smiled at Zhao Jin, “Brother Jin, you can go back to the residence first. I don’t know how long it will take for this event, so I’ll just go back on my own after it ends.”

Zhao Jin smiled. “Understood, young master.”

After watching Su Wen and the eunuch enter, Zhao Jin drove the carriage away. But a few moments later, he returned once again with the carriage.

However, the carriage was now filled to the brim with food.

Zhao Jin laughed proudly. “Hehe, if I go back, wouldn’t I be a fool? This is the time for me to show my loyalty!”

As he pondered, he took out a roasted chicken from the carriage and sat in front of the carriage to eat it.

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