Chapter 1752: 1753

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Chapter 1753

‘It is really amazing.’

Muller recognized it instantly. The 3,295 swords that formed a spiral procession centered on him all had the same origin. It could be seen based on the spirituality that each sword had.

Only One God Grid—it was a spirituality created by the temperament of the god of the surface who stood in opposition to the Specter. The weapons other than swords that were mixed in the procession? He wasn’t interested in them. He was a swordsman.

It was said that a Sword Saint could handle even the branches of a tree as a sword and wasn’t bound by weapons, but this was half correct and half incorrect. There were clear limits to what a swordsman could do without a sword. It was just that the enemies who fought Muller didn’t realize the difference.

“Sword Saint Muller… don’t be reckless. You felt frustrated… to the me from a long time ago… to you, who have tasted this and kept quiet… is there a chance of winning?”

The Specter’s cracking voice contained deep pain, loneliness, and resentment. It was reminiscent of a sick person who was about to die. Nevertheless, he was afraid. In the past, he had no choice but to run away.

At that time, all Muller had was a crude iron sword. He was active in the pre-Pagma era. The strongest Sword Saint of all time was born in the middle of the Dark ages, when the skills of the blacksmiths had regressed from generation to generation due to Hexetia, who envied and hated Bultar.

“Friend, let’s rest in peace this time,” Muller whispered while stroking the old sword hanging at his waist. The crude iron sword that had been with him all his life was eventually reborn as a legendary weapon and rose to the rank of a treasured sword, but it was nothing compared to the divine swords in the procession of battle gear.

The Specter was also aware of this fact.


The Specter realized that the meeting between Grid and Muller was an unpleasant variable and the Specter’s will moved Beriache’s body. At the center of the huge space, the pretty little girl, who had been standing beside the Specter and quietly attracting the attention of the Overgeared members, suddenly disappeared.

Katz shifted his gaze and chased after the faint scent of blood. It was toward the entrance opposite to where the Overgeared members were standing.

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He saw two Sword Saints standing side by side. The Sword Saint of the present era, Kraugel, hurriedly created a sword curtain, while Sword Saint Muller of the previous generation stretched out his hand lazily toward the process of battle gear.

The disappeared Beriache appeared by Muller’s side. As if to make full use of her small body, she appeared from below and thrust her left hand upward. Beriache’s sharp nails brushed against Muller’s chin and cut the skin.

He couldn’t respond?

It happened as people were lamenting after witnessing Muller allowing an attack without even flinching…

‘He didn’t respond. He saw that he didn’t have to avoid it.’

Grid’s face was filled with joy. He had fought a fierce battle with Beriache earlier and he knew Beriache’s tricks. She used flashy linkages, but most of the linkages were based on falsehoods. It was a method that forced movement with an incredibly threatening first strike before stabbing through the gap that was exposed. She might seem like a wild beast, but it was actually very systematic.

However, this collapsed in front of Muller. A swordsman among swordsmen who trained for hundreds of years and swung his sword tens of thousands of times a day. A hero among heroes who never turned away from tough situations and fought lonely battles.

The period of time he wasted when trapping himself in the dimensional gap was enormous, but Muller’s effort and experience were unmatched. Combine this with his talent and it was sublimated into a miracle. It was to the extent that it was a wonder even for Grid, who overshadowed the years.

Discerning the trajectory and intentions of the enemy the moment they moved? It was natural for Muller. Therefore, he had no unnecessary movements. Relying on his Super Sensitivity, Muller moved awkwardly through the Realm of the Absolute. With a very slow feeling, he gripped a sword that was as transparent as frost.

It was a sword with three spiritualities.

One was like the other divine swords and had a spirituality with the will of a God Killer—he felt the will to punish heaven.

Another was the spirituality of the one who made the sword—he felt the desire for the owner of the sword to be safe.

The last one was the spirituality imprinted by the owner of the sword—he could feel the will to destroy everything that stood in the way.

‘The owner of this sword must be as violent as a gorilla.’

Due to personality problems, there must be fatal problems on the path of a sword. There was a relationship, so he would give a bit of help.

Muller put more power than necessary into the hand holding the sword. He subtly imprinted a gripping method that might help the owner of the sword. It contained a wish for the gorilla to be reborn as a human. Just then—

Beriache’s left hand, which had just grazed Muller’s chin, was cut diagonally. She had already been badly wounded by Grid and lost most of her magical blood to Katz. The being who maintained the status of an Absolute easily allowed a fatal injury. It was a severe price for failing to make a first good move. It was the peak of a ‘late start’ that Grid dreamed of.

The transparent sword let out the cry of a tiger. It was as if it wasn’t bad to be handled by a new master.

The aftermath was great. Beriache’s attempt to counterattack as soon as her left hand was cut once again failed in vain. She wasn’t good enough to create a gap in Muller, who was using the White Tiger’s Posture, without using blood magic. Rather, she received big cuts on her neck and waist. She stretched out her arm to deflect and was stabbed repeatedly by the incoming sword.

‘Out of all the swords, he grabbed Mercedes’s White Tiger Sword first.’

Grid felt admiration. He felt there was no better choice to kill Beriache’s momentum.

‘The relatively lacking energy and body are being supplemented by items.’

Kraugel’s eyes shook violently as he watched Muller’s change from right next to him. At this moment, Muller was an Absolute. He completely achieved the realm he had been vaguely close to by relying on a single White Tiger Sword.

The system also recognized it. The epic proved it.

[The greatest swordsman in history responded to the god’s will.]

[After witnessing a world that had already gone through several destructions, he pointed the sword bestowed by the god toward the enemy of humanity, who had established a twisted ideology.]

[He stands on the god’s side to protect the surface and is the sword that executes the god’s will.]

[An Absolute sword that will never bend again.]

[He is worthy of the god’s sword.]


Muller cocked his head. In fact, Grid’s epics were treated as divine words and had such a distinct presence that even non-player characters could perceive them. It seemed to be perceived as the same concept as a divine message.

“Well… it is pretty much right.”

Muller seemed to want to refute something, but he quickly gave up. It was accurate to say that he had no time to pay attention to other things. He put down the White Tiger Sword and reached into the procession of battle gear again. This time, he unexpectedly grabbed Failure. It was the upgraded version of Failure used by Jude, but it was still clearly inferior compared to Grid’s relatively recent works.

Beriache’s small body circled in the air as she regenerated her severed left hand in the shape of a hook and wielded it. She paid the price when the hook was caught on the small blade that sprang up from the back of Failure. Her whole body was lifted up and she was thrown down miserably. It didn’t mean much because an Absolute ignored the laws of physics. Beriache immediately regained her balance. She stood calmly in the air as if she was standing on the ground.

Muller stood in front of her. He was holding Gujel’s Sword, not Failure, in his hand. His momentum was different from before. The skills and stat boosting buffs attached to Gujel’s Sword brought Muller’s skills and physical body to a perfect level.

All the achievements and secret words contained in Gujel’s Sword were replaced by a different status. It was because assimilating with a sword beyond just communing with it was one of the powers of a Sword Saint.

In this place that the whole world was paying attention to due to the epic—

The Absolute who borrowed the power of items descended.


Beriache’s hand stopped as it was reaching out for Muller’s neck. The sword that Muller drew in his mind was effective.

Beriache was cut by an invisible sword that she wasn’t sure was real or an illusion, and recognized that her head had fallen off. She couldn’t move for a moment. It was only a fraction of a second, shorter than a single blink, but the aftermath was huge.

It was enough time for Muller to swing his sword 10 more times. There was nothing that a Sword Saint couldn’t cut.

Beriache’s small body was swept away by the surprisingly powerful sword energy and was defenselessly torn apart. It was fatal damage. She was a mere corpse and was unable to use some of her powers, such as scattering into fog. Additionally, she lost her blood, so she suffered considerable obstacles when trying to regenerate through blood magic or blood transfusion.

“It is painful to humiliate the deceased.”

Muller expressed his uncomfortable feelings and landed on the ground. It was set against the backdrop of Beriache’s body being divided into dozens of pieces. It was an intense look.

All of the Overgeared members couldn’t shut their mouths.

Grid also felt a tremor in his heart. He was thrilled by Muller’s performance, which was stronger than expected.

Only one person (?)—Chreshler was the only one who kept his composure and did his job. He quickly opened the coffin and flew toward Beriache.

-Mother-in-law! Come into my arms!

The undead who died in the No Offspring Tomb was unconditionally resurrected. They had to be purified in the Divine Wood Coffin before they were resurrected.

“…So it is like this.”

Grid gave a short explanation while avoiding the eyes of his colleagues. It might not be worth explaining, but he was embarrassed by Chreshler. The mere fact that he had been caught working with such a coffin made him want to hide in a mouse hole.

“The tricks end here.”

It was before the Divine Wood Coffin touched Beriache’s corpse…

The will of the Specter recovered Beriache’s body.


The red flesh, which had been frozen since Beriache’s recreation, started to beat again. It was much more intense than the first time Grid saw it.


The Specter was greatly conscious of Muller. It was the dispersion of aggro. It was a great opportunity for Grid. At this time, he secretly sent the 310 God Hands to another place. Of course, it wasn’t possible for him to deceive the Specter’s senses.

The Specter ignored it even though it was obvious. She clearly remembered Grid grumbling about the hundreds of hands moving on their own, saying, “They are beyond useless and they are just disturbing me.”

In fact, the God Hands weren’t a threat to the Specter. Even if the number of God Hands increased to the thousands, they couldn’t touch a single tip of the Specter’s hair. The power of the Specter was usurpation. She was the first in the world to usurp myths, and had the unique ability to steal the divinity and power of other gods and make them her own. In other words, it worked against the God Hands, who were classified as Grid’s power.

“The last resort. To save the world… human beings will find rest… the only way, to end it… if you refuse. There will be no more you… you don’t have to… respect me…”

[The enemy of humanity has defied the will of the god.]

[She stood up to the god with the power and authority built up over the years.]

The epic narrated the Specter in her entirety. It was different from the traditional method of disparaging and distorting Grid’s enemies in order to praise Grid. It was evidence that even the influence of the epic couldn’t undermine the status of the Specter.

[An apostle of a God of the Beginning.]

[The enemy of humanity, who endured for eons to achieve a single purpose, declared to the god.]

“Only One God Grid. Your myth… I will have it.”

The Specter’s dark divinity expanded and dominated the space.

Everyone, including Grid, started receiving all sorts of penalties.

The No Offspring Tomb—this place was on the surface, but far from the Overgeared World. It was the middle of enemy lines.

It was thanks to Hell Gao—no, to be precise, it was on a different level from hell where they were able to overcome the penalty thanks to Muller’s arrangement.

Thus, he would smash it.



Everyone apart from Grid looked up at the ceiling in a confused manner. They seemed to hear a faint roar from afar. Soon, faint moonlight started to seep through the cracks in the ceiling. It should be impossible. Moonlight entered the No Offspring Tomb, which was located deep underground.

“What did you do?” the Specter asked Grid, who was standing in the moonlight that slowly spread through the thick darkness.

[God gave an answer.]

“Overgeared Battle…

“The Tomb of the Gods! Specter, you will soon be buried there too!”


[…You will be buried in the Tomb of the Gods.]

Huroi interjected to try and cover up Grid’s remarks. Then meteorites fell consecutively. It was Meteor, triggered by the super-large flying ship, the Tomb of the Gods, from the sky outside the No Offspring Tomb. The 310 God Hands sent by Grid earlier executed a direct bombardment.

The God Hands implemented Grid’s stats in a quite similar manner. Therefore, the bombardment executed by the God Hands was incomparable to the bombardment by the Overgeared artillerymen.

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