Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day

Chapter 1400: 1400 Resurrection

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1400 Resurrection

Su Yao kept struggling on the ground. Not only was the pain in her head not relieved, but it was even intensifying.

She vaguely felt that her soul was being pulled out of her body and roasted in a ball of flames, almost burning her to ashes.

Outside the courtyard, Chu Yi waited outside for a while before walking into the secret passage.

According to the black-robed man’s instructions, the secret passage was arranged in a special manner.

Circles of unknown mysterious runes wrapped around the entire secret passage. Every meter, a white jade cauldron was placed. The white jade cauldron burned with an eternal fire.

The ten direct descendants of the Feng family he had found were now fixed in the array. Feng Wuyou’s corpse was placed on the ground. The black-robed man reached out and pressed a hand on her forehead, chanting something softly.

Chu Yi watched from afar. White light gradually began to appear on the ten Feng family members, but Feng Wuyou’s body had been silent.

The black-robed man frowned and chanted the ancient incantation again, but there was still no reaction.

The black-robed man placed a black unpolished jade between Feng Wuyou’s eyebrows, then pressed his palms together and chanted an incantation loudly.

At this moment, in the bedroom, Su Yao was in so much pain that she was almost unconscious. In a daze, she saw a light at the door and forced herself to stand up, wanting to call for help.

However, she was already completely dominated by the pain in her body. She used all her strength to stand up, but she suddenly felt her vision darken and she fell to the ground.

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With this, Su Yao completely fainted.

Due to the huge impact, her shoulder blade hit the ground hard. With a crisp sound, a small jade pendant that had been buried in her since she was born shattered near her heart.

The jade pendant quietly emitted a fluorescent light in Su Yao’s body, resisting countless huge suction forces that could not be seen with the naked eye.

In the secret passage, the black-robed man chanted faster and faster. Finally, he could not hold on and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Yi walked forward, wanting to check on the black-robed man.

The black-robed man was not in the mood to care about his injuries. He approached Feng Wuyou’s corpse, pulled her arm, and carefully touched it. Then, he angrily shook off her arm.

“This isn’t Feng Wuyou at all!! You tricked me!!”

Chu Yi narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean? What do you mean by not Feng Wuyou?”

“Feng Wuyou isn’t dead at all, so my soul summoning technique isn’t effective.” The black-robed man held his chest. “Chu Yi, good job.”

Chu Yi was very emotional. He stared straight at the black-robed man. “Are you sure she’s not dead??”

The black-robed man kicked the jade cauldron at the side to pieces. “Damn it, we’ve wasted so many people. Will there be such a pure direct bloodline next time?”

Chu Yi seemed to have thought of something. His eyes lit up, then he restrained his expression and looked at the black-robed man. “I still have something on. I won’t accompany you anymore.”

With that, Chu Yi made an inviting gesture to the black-robed man.

The black-robed man snorted coldly. “You want to find a woman early, but there’s still something to do.”

“What is it?” Chu Yi was stunned. “Didn’t you fail?”

“We did fail.” The black-robed man’s tone was filled with anger. “However, it can only be considered half a failure.”

Chu Yi looked at the black-robed man in confusion.

The black-robed man looked at the coffin, and Chu Yi followed his gaze.

At first, he did not notice anything wrong. However, ten seconds later, Chu Yi’s eyes suddenly widened.

The man in the coffin’s chest heaved slightly. He was alive!!!

Chu Yi looked at the black-robed man in surprise. “Didn’t you say you wanted…”

“Yes, the current Xia Wei is just a shell. He doesn’t have a soul. His soul is still sleeping.”

The black-robed man walked to the coffin. At this moment, Xia Wei’s meridians were already throbbing slightly in the coffin. However, his eyes were still closed, as if he was a statue that had been sleeping for a thousand years.

“How can the soul be awakened?”

Emperor Xia Yuan was the key to all the legends. As long as he was around, those legends had the ability to convince people.

“Either you have to find Feng Wuyou and sacrifice her soul, or you have to find Xia Wanyuan.”

With the black-robed man, Chu Yi had already heard the name Xia Wanyuan countless times. Emperor Xia Yuan’s surname was Xia, and Xia Wanyuan’s surname was also Xia. Chu Yi could not help but think.

“What’s Xia Wanyuan’s relationship with Emperor Xia Yuan?”

The black-robed man did not answer Chu Yi’s question. He glanced at Chu Yi. “Find Feng Wuyou for me.”

Chu Yi’s eyes flickered. “No problem.”

The black-robed man quickly disappeared into the secret passage. Chu Yi got someone to clean it up and called for a top medical team to bring Xia Wei to the hospital to take care of him.

Although the black-robed man said that Emperor Xia Yuan only had a shell, Chu Yi wanted to try and see if modern medical technology could save Emperor Xia Yuan.

After arranging everything, Chu Yi walked straight to Su Yao’s room.

There was some excitement and anticipation in his eyes. He could not wait to verify if the truth was as he had thought.

The door to Su Yao’s room was closed. Chu Yi knocked on the door, but no one answered.

Chu Yi was about to kick the door open when it suddenly opened. Su Yao stood at the door with exquisite makeup and looked at Chu Yi in surprise.

“Young Master, why are you here? I was about to look for you.”

Chu Yi’s deep gaze landed on Su Yao. “Did you feel anything uncomfortable just now?”

“What discomfort?” Su Yao blinked. “No, did something happen?”

Chu Yi narrowed his eyes. “You’ve been back for so long. I wonder how your body has recovered. I’ll bring you for a checkup.”

“There’s no need. I’m already much better.” Su Yao smiled and declined.

“There’s a need.” Chu Yi reached out and pulled Su Yao out, bringing her to the hospital.

Two hours later, looking at the various data on the report, Chu Yi was silent.

“Why are their blood types different??”

The doctor looked at Chu Yi in confusion. “Young Master, Su Yao’s blood type is indeed different from the former Madam. This is very normal…”

Before the doctor could finish speaking, Chu Yi stood up and left.

Outside the hospital, Su Yao was waiting for Chu Yi. Seeing Chu Yi walk over with a dark expression, Su Yao pinched her palm to remind herself to cheer up and welcomed him with a smile.

“Young Master, is the result out? I said I’m fine, right?”

The love and doting that he had been doing for the past few days disappeared from Chu Yi’s face. He glanced at Su Yao indifferently and walked away.

Watching Chu Yi leave, Su Yao looked upstairs.

Just now, while Chu Yi was talking to the doctor, she secretly went up to take a look. There were many soldiers guarding it.

What kind of person needed Chu Yi’s protection??

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