Remarried Empress

Chapter 414: 414

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Chapter 414. I Must Go (1)

Translator: Aura / Editor: HB168

‘But why? Why did I begin to suspect Emperor Heinley?’

Fortunately, that was also documented: The dean of the magical academy claimed that the patron who sent the necklace to Evely was from the Western Empire.

‘And who is Evely? Well, it doesn’t matter…’

Additionally, Evely’s necklace was the key during the investigation into the phenomenon of mana decline, but a bird stole it before the results were obtained. His future self became suspicious of the Western Empire as soon as that bird appeared.

‘Why was I so sure that the bird’s appearance was definitive proof of involvement by the Western Empire?’

The final reason for his suspicions was the dean’s confession that Emperor Heinley was an exceptional mage. This was not public knowledge.

“It’s crazy…”

Sovieshu put the report down on the desk and sank into anxiety. The situation his future self was dealing with was truly grim.

That wasn’t all. Sovieshu laughed at the absurdity that an important investigation would be halted in the absence of conclusive evidence.

“Did I become so incompetent?”

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Mages constituted the East’s military power and were the reason why the Eastern Empire remained the most powerful country. No matter how difficult, this investigation had to continue.

‘How could I stop there?’

Once Sovieshu put the report back into the envelope, he examined the other diaries, and confirmed that they only contained the records of his days after he became Emperor.

He had no memories beyond his nineteen years of age, but the diaries corresponded to the last three years, so the three years in between were blank.

‘I’m sure those diaries are somewhere here too…’

For now, Sovieshu summarized what he had discovered so far.

“I must meet with Navier. Definitely.”

While he was busy writing, he suddenly started to doze off.

He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to stay awake, but the sleepiness that washed over him was hard to resist.

Unable to bear it, Sovieshu tried to get up, but he fell back into the chair and fell asleep on the desk.


Meanwhile, Marquis Karl met with the other secretaries to inform them of Sovieshu’s condition.

All the other secretaries knew that Sovieshu’s memory had returned to his days as Crown Prince because it had been witnessed by many people yesterday.

However, only Marquis Karl and the knight who had been on duty in Sovieshu’s bedroom knew that his memory had returned to normal overnight.

That’s what he would talk about with the secretaries.

“… I don’t know if his memory only came back that one time, or if he’ll return to his original state every night. I don’t know if His Majesty remembers the events during the daytime when he regains his memory at night.”

Marquis Karl then conveyed the orders given by Crown Prince Sovieshu.

He examined the secretaries’ faces for a moment and asked,

“Does anyone have any questions?”

They all had many questions, but since they hadn’t yet seen Sovieshu personally, they didn’t know what to say.

Still, Count Pirnu asked,

“What will happen if His Majesty has two personalities for a long time?”

“First we have to confirm that his original personality returns every night. If so, we have to be honest with him and find a way to deal with it.”

“I agree.”

Marquis Karl added helplessly,

“Just in case, I will ask Miss Evely to use her healing magic on His Majesty once she returns. Although the palace doctor said that he did not suffer any major head injury…”


That evening, Marquis Karl headed to the Eastern Palace to confirm whether Sovieshu would revert to his personality from the present.

However, Sovieshu was not in the Eastern Palace.

“His Majesty has not returned yet?”

“No, His Majesty hasn’t been back since he went out with you earlier.”

‘Is he still in the office?’

Marquis Karl turned around and headed to the office in the main palace.

As expected, two knights were in front of the office door. When Karl knocked, he heard a voice say from inside,

“Come in.”

As soon as he entered, Marquis Karl noticed that Sovieshu’s mood was different from that morning, so he was startled.

Sovieshu had a sunken look different from the Crown Prince Sovieshu with whom Marquis Karl spent the morning.

Sovieshu stared grimly at the papers spread out on the desk.

“What’s the matter, Your Majesty?”

‘He has regained his memory. It seems that he really does have two personalities.’

Marquis Karl spoke as if he didn’t know. However, the answer he received was completely unexpected.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“The sun does not rise.”

“Your Majesty…”

“My world has turned dark.”


“Have I gone crazy?”

While Marquis Karl stayed silent because he found it difficult to answer, Sovieshu muttered,

“When I woke up the last time, it was at night. Have I slept all day? But even if I slept all day, why am I dressed in these clothes and why am I in the main office? I was in the Eastern Palace when I woke up.”

Sovieshu also pointed his finger at the desk as he spoke.

There were all kinds of papers on the desk. Although it was not visible from Marquis Karl’s vantage point, one of the papers contained a sentence written a few hours ago by Sovieshu while he was awake as Crown Prince Sovieshu.

— Did I go crazy in the future?

“Oh, that’s…”

Marquis Karl panicked, but Sovieshu urged him to speak.

“It doesn’t matter, tell me the truth.”

In the end, Karl confessed all he knew about the difference in his personality between day and night.

“Damn it!”

Sovieshu cursed and remained deep in thought for some time. Then he asked,

“What about Navier? Any news from her?”

“Yes, she woke up and is healthy. Miss Evely is said to have been of great help.

“… Thank goodness.”

Sovieshu was relieved. He had been worried ever since he saw the hallucination of Rashta looking down at Navier. For a moment, he thought that Navier had died.

“Uh, Your Majesty. There is one more thing I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“As I mentioned to you earlier, Your Majesty’s memory reverts back to Your Majesty’s days as a Crown Prince. While in that state, Your Majesty has issued certain orders…”

After considering this, Emperor Sovieshu ordered,

“Obey unless it’s madness.”

“Your Majesty.”

“Now I don’t want to do or think about anything. My eyes are closing.”

Once Sovieshu said this, he narrowed his eyes as if he would really fall asleep right away.

However, he managed to resist and gave a new order.

“Bring me only the documents that need to be urgently evaluated.”

After that, Sovieshu worked like a machine and, when he was done, he fell asleep as if he had collapsed.

As if he did not want to be awake, Emperor Sovieshu spent much less time awake than Crown Prince Sovieshu.

Karl looked at the sleeping Sovieshu with sadness. Although he had to leave, he was worried that Sovieshu would be left alone in that state, so in the end he stayed by his side the whole night.

The next morning, Sovieshu sat up, rubbed his eyes, and looked at Marquis Karl, puzzled.

“Marquis Karl, why are you here and not at home?”

“Your Majesty regained his memory last night. Do you remember?”



“No. I don’t remember at all.”

“It was for a few hours at night.”

“I have no recollection.”

Sovieshu felt unsettled to think that there was no connection between his two personalities, and he worried at the prospect that the situation could remain like this forever. But rather than express what he felt, Sovieshu spoke to Marquis Karl about what he had been pondering before falling asleep.

“Marquis Karl.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“There is one thing I was thinking about a lot yesterday.”


“I must make a visit to the Western Empire.”


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