Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 609: 609 Ice Flame

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“Master, how are you feeling?” Zheng Meili looked at her master and asked concernedly.

The blue-haired woman showed a mild smile and said, “I am feeling great. It feels great to be alive again.”

“Let’s go out!” Xiong Xue said as she walked forward.

As they walked out of the room, they met groups of elders who were standing outside the room. Seeing three people walking out of the room, they became alert.

Their eyes immediately focused on the third person who they had seen in the ice black. This woman must be their ancestor. They immediately kneeled down and said simultaneously, “Descendant greets the ancestor!”

“Get up!” Xiong Xue said slowly.

p-n0ve1、com “Elder! Elder!” At this time, a person comes running inside while shouting.

“What happened?” The Matriarch looked at the person and asked inquisitively.

“They are back. They’re creating rackets outside, saying they wanted to enter the palace too. We can’t hold them back.” The person hastily spoke.

“Why did they come back again?”

“What do these people want?” The elders exclaimed in annoyance.

“Let’s go out and see!” Xiong Xue said.

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“Ancestor, you don’t have to bother yourself. We can handle them.” The matriarch suggested.

“This is my home, how can I not bother when someone wanted to break into my home?” Xiong Xue said as she walked.

At this time, many people gathered outside of the palace. The ancestor of the Cao clan was naturally among them, standing in the front with his few friends. Although the number of people is smaller compared to before, there were thirty plus sovereign profound realm cultivators present here. On the other side, the Ice Phoenix Clan has only one dozen sovereign profound realm cultivators in their group.

“What do you want?”

“What else? Treasures. Just give us fifty percent, and we will leave.” The ancestor of the Cao Clan said.

The expressions of the Ice Phoenix Clan’s people turned cold as they heard his words. These treasures belong to their Ice Phoenix Clan in the first place, they have already told them that, but these people are really shameless, asking for their ancestor’s treasures.

“I will say last time, fuck off. Otherwise, you will be responsible for your actions, I will not tolerate a second time.” The matriarch of the Ice Phoenix Clan looked at the group and said coldly. Her patient was drawing now.

A friend of the Cao Clan’s ancestor was impulsive and took out the sword as he stepped forward, “Hey lady, I didn’t come here to hear your threat. Show us the treasures! Otherwise, I will let you join your ancestor today.”

Another old sovereign walk out of the group and said threateningly, “Lady, you should see the situation clearly before speaking.”

Another two Sovereign Profound Realm cultivators walked out. These two were none other than people of the Su Clan. “Your clan might be strong, but our clan is true ancient power. We have two Divine Profound Realm cultivators in our clan, so I advise you to show some courtesy.” The man of the Su Clan said proudly. They were about to leave the secret realm, but they received a message that some people can open the gate of the palace. They immediately changed their plan and returned with a few others to obtain the treasures.

All four of them looked at the people of the Ice Phoenix Clan coldly. Seeing four of them charging forward, the ancestor of the Cao Clan also took a few steps forward.

“Die already!” Seeing these people dare to draw their weapons at her, Xiong Xue became annoyed and angry. She yelled at two and throw four wisps of flames at the four people.

“What is it? Haha, you want to scare us!” The two sovereigns laughed mockingly.

“Child’s trick!” One of them was daring, he fanned at the wisps of ice blue flame with his hand. However, the small flame didn’t move away but rather attached to his hand, and soon spread onto his entire body.

“What?” The man exclaimed in fear before his entire body was covered by the ice blue flames. Strangely, even though this looked like ice blue flame, but it didn’t burn rather froze things. It was a special type of cold heavenly flame that was one of the rarest heavenly flames in the world.

He tried to get rid of the ice flame, but it proved useless. In a few seconds, he became an ice statue with a horrified expression on his face.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

The second man was horrified, but before he could escape, the ice flame smashed onto him and turned him into an ice statue as well. Just like him, the remaining two tried to run away but the ice flame of Xiong Xue was faster.

“Senior, you can’t kill us. otherwise the Su Clan won’t let you go… noooo….” They screamed loudly and even threatened her with their clan’s name but Xiong Xue remained indifferent.

She just turned four sovereigns into ice statues in seconds without betting her eyes twice on them. Killing without any hesitation.

“Anyone else has wished to die.” Xiong Xue said as she released her aura. An overwhelming pressure appeared that created a suffocating feeling in everyone’s hearts.

The ancestor of the Cao Clan was fortunate enough to survive, as he was a step behind four people. He looked at the four ice statues with lingering fear and confusion. Everyone thing happened too fast.

He suddenly came to his senses and immediately dropped to the ground then started begging in a trembling voice, “Senior, please forgive me. Junior was impudent.”

“This!! This… This aura of divine profound realm cultivator. She is a Divine Profound Realm cultivator.” The people exclaimed in shock and fear. They were already horrified by the previous act.

They immediately kneeled down and started to ask for forgiveness, “Senior, mercy. Please show some mercy, we were enchanted by greed.”

Xiong Xue looked at the bunch of cowards with disgust and said, “I’m not in the mood of killing today! But leave the things behind that you pick up from here.” These people were like ants in her eyes, she didn’t want to do mass murder on her first day of revival.

“Yes, yes! Thank you senior!” The people nodded heavily as they hastily took out the things and placed them on the ground.

“Can we leave now senior?” They looked at her in fear and asked.

“Scram!” Xiong Xue said indifferently. As soon as they heard her words, they started to run for their life. Even the crowd who were watching from the distance didn’t remain and run away in fear. Nobody wanted to mess with a Divine Profound Realm cultivator even in their dreams.

Elder Hua and Grand Elder Mu were among the crowd. They felt fortunate that they didn’t lose their minds in greed.

Both of them looked at each other with stunned expressions. They have to thank Feng Yun, he literally saved their lives.

A few minutes ago. After leaving the area, Feng Yun communicated with the young man of the Su Clan as he wanted to information of the Su clan from the young man.

The young man of the Su Clan didn’t follow the two men to obtain the palace’s treasures rather come to Feng Yun.

Feng Yun and Mu Wenquan were talking to the young master of the Su Clan.

At this time they heard a cry of the phoenix that resounded in the entire secret realm.

“What was that?” Feng Yun muttered slowly.

“It’s Phoenix!” Mu Wenquan looked in the direction of the palace and said with a frown.

“Is there a real phoenix residing in this secret realm?” Feng Yun curiously whispered.

“Who knows?” Mu Wenquan replied.

Feng Yun once again placed his attention to the young man, “You mean you don’t know the reason your clan’s people attacked the mu clan in the past.”

The young man shook his head and said, “No, I only knew that they provoked us first. I never asked what happened? I was come here to complete the task given by my father.” He then proceeded to tell him everything he knew. From his mouth, Feng Yun found out that it was the ancestor of the cao clan who invited the Su clan’s people.

“Tell me about the strength of the Su Clan?”

The young man nodded and started speaking. Just like this, Feng Yun continued to ask question while the young man continued to answer.

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