Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 2122: 2127 The Promised Secret Infiltration, the Promised Perfect Plan

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2127 The Promised Secret Infiltration, the Promised Perfect Plan

A shock wave spread out from the point where Skye’s hands landed.

The originally indestructible hull shook slightly under the shock wave, and turned as soft as liquid as it rippled.

Skye’s face turned red as she did her best to contain the shock wave so that it was completely within the red circle.

Only a concentrated shock wave like this could completely penetrate the hull that was more than half a meter thick.

Not only that, she also needed to change the frequency of the vibration and destroy the hull’s ability to absorb it.

This was an external hull that could withstand the main cannon fire of a battleship. It could absorb shock waves very well; strictly speaking, it restrained Skye’s ability.

If she were a little weaker and had less proficient control, Luke wouldn’t count on her.

However, other attacks couldn’t penetrate the hull quickly. Skye’s vibration cannons were the most reliable choice.

At that moment, the A.I. program swiftly determined that the chances of breaking through the metal hull were 87%, and they were still increasing.

A few seconds later, Skye couldn’t help but let out a sharp yell.

With this last burst, there was the sound of a crack inside the hull.

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In the next second, a small hole appeared in the metal.

When the opening expanded to the size of a basketball, the metal couldn’t withstand the intense change, and burst open into a circle roughly two meters in diameter.

Looking at the hole, Luke’s expression changed slightly, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself, Does this count as blowing up Thanos’s back door?

It was no more than a passing thought.

He looked behind him. The first protective shield had been reactivated.

His teammates had already entered, and Knight and Skye were left outside the hole. He said decisively, “Mission accomplished. Activate the hibernation system. I’ll get someone to send you back.”

Skye, however, didn’t do as he said. Instead, she used Life 1 again. “I can launch another attack at about 50%. It’ll probably be useful for when the team retreats.”

Hearing that, Knight glanced at Skye’s stats and saw that she wasn’t boasting.

In fact, she could indeed use 60 to 70% of her power in one strike.

How did he know? Since he had studied the original Vibration ability for a long time, he was even more familiar with Skye’s physical condition than she was.

After confirming this, Knight waved at her to follow him. “Don’t be in a hurry to attack Thanos later. Wait on the side. I’ll let you know when the time is right.”

Skye wasn’t unhappy.

She didn’t know how strong Thanos was, but the Hulk had lingering trauma and Thor’s little brother and a spaceship full of people had died, which was clear evidence of his power.

As an Earthling who had heard about these two superheroes since she was young and who was now on the same team, she knew very well how strong they were. Yet, they had been beaten up badly by Thanos.

She readily accepted Knight’s arrangement.

It only took them a few seconds to catch up with the rest of the team.

Big Dipper took the lead and instantly killed the enemies that appeared along the way, not giving them a chance to sound the alarm.

However, given how tight security was in Thanos’s warship, they would be discovered very quickly even during a battle.

All this did was to delay when the ambush would be discovered.

Thor, who had made a lot of noise the moment he attacked, could only follow behind Big Dipper. A moment later, he couldn’t help but wonder to himself why this guy seemed to know the way. He didn’t hesitate to choose a route; was he wandering around blindly?

Three minutes later, however, the team finally reached a spacious area.

Everybody’s eyes lit up.

In this circular shaft that was more than 50 meters in diameter, various small fliers and people were flying everywhere.

Some of them were soldiers, some were maintenance workers, and some were ship pilots. They all came and went in a hurry.

Big Dipper informed the others, “This is the central shaft of the combat center. See that entrance above us? It’ll take us through a passage to where Thanos is.”

Everybody looked at the start of the passage that was only ten meters away, and their hearts raced. They were about to face Thanos? How exciting.

Wade couldn’t help but say, “Let me go first.”

Everybody: …Should we let you go up first and be beaten to a pulp? Are you crazy?

Thor asked a very normal question. “How are we going to get there? If we charge in, these small fry will definitely act as backup, and hem us in.”

It seemed that Thor had indeed been given a wretched thrashing. Even as Luke murmured that to himself, he had the Knight clone say, “Five seconds.”

When he said that, something invisible flew out of his hand and landed lightly on the wall of the shaft below them.

Wade asked again, “What’s that?”

Knight said, “It’s the self-destruct mechanism of a small battleship; it’s just camouflaged.”

Everybody was lost for words.

They subconsciously stepped back.

Although it was just the self-destruct mechanism of a small battleship, they were inside a freaking ship.

They were only dozens of meters away… Hm, was that thing going to the bottom?

This central shaft was about 300 meters deep, and Luke and the others were about 200 meters from the bottom.

When the explosion happened later, the worse affected definitely wouldn’t be them.

The thought flashed through everyone’s minds, and they glanced at Knight with complicated expressions. Where was the secret infiltration? Where was the perfect plan? In the end… that was it?

I can do it too! Thor and Wade thought the same for once.

Suddenly, a warning in an alien language resounded throughout Thanos’s warship, and the bustling order in the shaft instantly fell into chaos.

The suits had an in-built translation system, and the warning was translated into English: “Unidentified high-energy reaction detected inside the ship. An explosion may occur at any time. All divisions, brace yourselves.”

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The self-destruct mechanism had a ten-second countdown. Five seconds had passed since it was thrown out.

There were only five seconds left for Thanos’s warship. The warning only rang out a third time before the central shaft lit up with an orange light.

The orange light quickly expanded and filled the space at the bottom of the shaft.

The light contained countless high-energy shock wave particles. A small portion ate through the wall of the shaft, but most of them surged upward.

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