The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 12: Immortal God Sect Head

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Chapter 11: Immortal God Sect Head

“Wuwuwu we just happened to pass by senior, we mean no ill intent!” Wang Hao bawled as he tried to flail against the man’s grip.

Fang Lin found this situation strange. Even if his Master is being held like that, he should have been able to escape. Maybe his master is still weak as he said. But Fang Lin, as a loyal disciple, will not leave his master behind.

“Please be gentle with my Master.”

“What the hell Fang Lin!”

The large man looked confused. “What are you two talking about? I was just inviting you two to take a bath with us. Me and my brothers heard about your contributions for the recovery of Madam Yu. We brothers were grateful for that.” Unknowingly all ten of them appeared in a line and bowed towards the two.

“Are you like the royal guards for this clan?” Wang Hao inquired.

“Yes, we are the Wind Scar Guards of the Feng Clan.” The largest among the guards replied proudly. “We dedicate ourselves for the safety of the the main bloodline members of the clan. The reason we are bathing right now here is because Elder Feng Zun made us leave Madam alone with him and his daughter. He said that Alchemist Meng Chao needed as few people as possible to concoct his pills.”

“Meng Chao From the Alchemy Palace Sect?” Fang Lin mused. Hearing that name brought a sense of familiarity that he could not quite remember.

“Yes, Elder Meng Chao is a tier-5 alchemist from the Alchemy Palace Sect. He had been a close friend with Elder Feng Zun and he volunteered to help Madam’s sickness as long as Elder Feng Zun provides the ingredients.”

“Hmmpph, with our great help, they better provide us with some good compensation!” Wang Hao and Fang Lin thought at the same time. They knew that without their assistance, Feng Ning’er might have even died in the Mystical Forest. Such thing will be a huge blow on the poor Feng Zun.

“But enough of that. As a way to thank you two, we implore you two to join us in the cleansing of our mortal bodies.”

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“Do we really need to join?”

“Master, let’s just agree, can we even escape them?”

In the end the two perverts had to deal with the scary looking guards by the side of the river.

Meanwhile in their resident quartes, Fang Yu shivered miserably. “I need to unsee these things!” She immediately cut off her sensory connection with the Yang body. “Hehehe, while my master is suffering, I will roam the girls residences to find some fruits to pluck!”

As she went out of the room however, she saw Feng Zun and Ning’er approaching the resident quarters.

“Where are the other two?” Feng Ning’er was obviously referring to Fang Lin and Wang Hao.

“Ummmm, they’re taking a bath right now, so they are not available yet.”

Feng Zun sighed and said “Well its just enough if you join us. The Immortal God Sect Head has arrived and I want you three to meet her. But we’ll do it with you just now.”

Ning’er joined her hands with Fang Yu. “Let’s go Big Sister!” Feng Zun looked at this scene strangely, but in the end, he swished his hand and lead them to the guest quarters.

As they arrived at the guest quarters, Fang Yu noticed that the pressure emanating from the room was constricting her breathing. She gritted her teeth and endured it. Once they went inside, she had to take deep breaths just to stay conscious. She was about to pass out when the pressure disappeared.

“Ara ara, this girl is as what you said, a talented one. I wonder how the brother will do?”

Fang Yu raised her head and looked around the room. Feng Zun just stood there trimming his moustache elegantly. Ning’er seemed a little sluggish and out of breath, but she was in a considerably better condition than Fang Yu.

She looked at the middle of the room and saw her. She stood as tall as Fang Yu, with those large breasts and round butt that is claiming for some grabbing. Her face exuded a mature appeal that any male will find hard to resist.

“It’s a MILF!!!!” Fang Yu exclaimed in her mind.

“Ara ara, you called me a milf? It seems like brother Feng Zun did not teach you a thing or two about keeping your mind clean in front of a demigod.”

“Demigod? But we are on a Fifth Stage Planet! A Sixth Stage cannot stay in here!”

“As long as you gain the approval of the planet, you can still stay here with your cultivation base exceeding the planetary limit within one stage. Anymore than that will warrant ascension.” Ning’er eloquently answered.


“Haha I love this girl! She resorted to thinking of nothing! Do not worry, as long as what you are thinking about is not me, I will not notice that.”

Fang Yu sighed in relief as she slumped in the sofa.

“How is my sister right now?” The sect head asked Feng Zun anxiously.

“Do not worry, Meng Chao is doing his best to conccot the detoxifying pill for her poison. But Xiao Ya, I still recommend that you not come near her for another month. You know that the poison flares up in the presence of beings higher than Fifth Stage.”

“I understand. Please do everything brother-in-law.”

“Do not worry, my wife Xiao Meng is not so weak that she will succumb to such a petty trick!” Feng Zun uttered the last sentence with a growl.

The sect head who’s name is Xiao Ya sighed in relief too. She then approached Fang Yu and cupped her chin.

“Do you want to be my personal disciple? You have an innate yin constitution which I also possess. I can also help you with your Godly ascension. Her warm, sweet breath entered Fang Yu’s nose and it smelled damn good.

“Bu.. bu.. but how about my brother and his master?”

Xiao Ya replied “A man must find a foothold for himself if he wants to succeed. I will make those two eligible to take the entrance examination next month. Whether they get accepted is up to them.”

“So do you accept it or not?”

Several thoughts flashed across Fang Yu’s mind but the most dominant one was: “With this I can have a chance to score with other female disciples! Maybe own a harem too!”

She then kowtowed three times in front of Xiao Ya and said “Disciple Fang Yu greets Master!”

Xiao Ya smiled and nodded, visibly pleased with the outcome. However she suddenly frowned and asked

“Why is your brother sniffing your female underwear in your resident quarters right now?”


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