The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 20: Immortal God Sect

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Chapter 19: Immortal God Sect

While the duo had started their journey on the hitch-hiked ride, Fang Lin observed the Immortal God Sect through the Yin Persona.

Fang Yu stretched her body after waking up. She knew that her Yang Persona is due to arrive later already. “I need to look around the sect right now! Even it puts me in a big risk, I need to know what the disciple selection will be!” She then stood up and prepared to go out of her room.

When she went out of her room, however, to her dismay, several of the arrogant young masters were still waiting for her to come out. Their faces visibly brightened as she walked out of her room. They audibly swallowed their saliva as they confirmed with their own eyes that she really is a goddess that was portrayed in the paintings.

They prepared to greet her but Fang Yu just shouted “Scram!” Immediately a pearly white sword appeared on her hands. It’s been clearly pulsing with the yin essence of her master Xiao Ya.

“Hiiii, its a Third Stage protective treasure! Why the hell is she using it here?” Before they could even move however, she waved her hand and the sword swished through the air, cutting their robes. But what’s scary about this attack was that if she used a little bit more force, it could have destroyed their own manhood!

“Try to get even near me, and I swear you will be like those eunuchs at the Alchemy Palace!”

“Forgive us Big Sister!” They then stood up and scampered away. Fang Yu sighed in relief and then she slapped her hand to her head. “Of course I have a perfectly refined body! I could have just changed my appearance and I can already freely roam inside the sect! How stupid of me!”

She then modified her appearance to look like an average girl you can usually see in a sect. She then started to look around the sect for clues for the disciple selection exam.

It will be however, a big problem that even Fang Yu will find hard to accomplish. It is because Xiao Ya already have some suspicions that Fang Yu will resort to cheat to ease her Yang Persona’s access of the sect so she advised the sect to have a lockdown of the information to make it hard for Fang Yu to succeed.

Of course Fang Yu had no way of knowing this. Xiao Ya wanted to thoroughly punish her for her cheating attempts that she will just laugh at Fang Yu’s miseries.

“Hey you, yes you! ” As Fang Yu was walking around the sect aimlessly, an elder of the outer court disciples called out Fang Yu. “Its the disciple selection day but you are out here looking like a drunk mule. This laziness of yours cannot be allowed! I therefore punish you to clean the beast cages!’

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If the crowd’s horrified reaction can tell if something is really bad or not, Fang Yu can tell she f*cked up with her valiant cheating methods. She sighed and started to undo her transformation to escape this situation when she realized she could not phase back.

“What the hell is happening! Why I am stuck in this form?”

“Ara ara, seems like my disciple can’t remove the seal I placed on her!” Xiao Ya’s voice echoed on her mind.

“You put a seal on me Master?”

“Yes, I put a seal on your Yin Persona as an insurance you won’t wantonly use your transformation skills to wreak havoc in the sect. And my, oh my, aren’t you in trouble now?”

“Huhuhu how can I get you to remove this seal master?”

“Well first things first, clean the cages!!!!!”


While Fang Yu was now forced to clean the beast cages, Fang Lin has to face a problem of his own.

He warily looked at the girl drooling in front of him and he asked “What is your name young lady?”

She immediately answered back “Ling’er”. The two boys also followed suit. The older one on the left is named Zen and the younger one is named Ao. From what Fang Yu can see, these three has not enough talent to be accepted in one of the great sects. Heck, he is even sure that they will be immediately rejected at the entrance.

“You must be thinking that they will be rejected at the selection right?” Old Yang broke the silence.

“Sorry, but I think really on that way. Or do you have any other compelling reasoning that will make the sect accept your children?” Wang Hao found that something was really amiss in this situation.

“Actually, my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather saved an Elder from the Immortal God Sect. As a thanks, the elder left behind a jade tablet for my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He said to my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather that this jade tablet can fufill any wish of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. As long as my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather brings this jade tablet to the sect, the Immortal God Sect must fulfill a wish of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. This can even be used by the descendants of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

“WHAT THE HELL! THAT’S A LOT OF great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, IT MAKES ME REALLY DIZZY!”

“My great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was obviously happy. But the other friends of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather heard about it. They got tainted with greed, so they killed my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather and his family to steal the jade tablet. Those who survived the attack went to a far-away place and hid the jade tablet on where no one can find it. I am now the last descendant of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather.”

He then looked fondly at his children and said “These children you see here are my adopted children. I already am quite satisfied with my life. What I wanted was for them to live a better life. That is why I wanted them to join the sect.” The trio, upon hearing the words of Old Yang, smiled happily and innocently, clearly excited for their futures.

Wang Hao and Fang Lin stayed quiet after hearing that statement. Well, they got quiet because all these words the man spewed confused and dazed the hell out of them. Secondly, they felt that even if the jade tablet gives them an acceptance in the sect, it might put the trio in more danger. The jealousy of those who worked hard to get accepted in the sect will lead to harassment and severe bullying.

That is, if the tablet was real.

At the first glance, the tablet might look like the real thing, but to Wang Hao, with his affinity to energy, he can clearly tell that this tablet has no indicator of the Immortal God Sect energy which is vital to any of their artifacts.

In short, the tablet was fake.

The elder saved by Old Yang’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather gave him a fake tablet. This fake tablet ruined and killed the entire clan of Old Yang’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather and now, its on its way to destroy 4 hopeful dreams.

Fang Lin also realized that the jade tablet is a fake. He looked sadly to his master, asking on what to do. His master only said “Situations like these require time to solve. I am sure we can find a solution once we arrive at the Immortal God Sect.”

Fang Lin only lamented sadly, thinking if there really is a chance to solve this situation.

After 3 more hours of travelling , the horse finally stopped and Fang Lin and Wang Hao saw the appearance of one of the 8 Great Sects, the Immortal God Sect.

There are mainly two gates that hung right in front of them. The one on the left has the word ‘IMMORTAL’ written on it while the right gate has the word ‘GOD’ written on it. The trio and Old Yang could also only gape their mouths in wonder. They then started to line up in a massive line that will seem to take forever to finish.

Fang Yu at that time however, is in a miserable situation. She has been brought to the dreaded beast cages located near the forests of the Immortal God Sect. She almost puked upon smelling the stench that covered the cages. She clearly had the mindset that she cannot complete this task. Then she remembered a story about someone who had to clean very filthy cages too. What that person did was to divert a river flow and make it hit the filthy cages. In no time at all, all the cages were squeaky clean.

“What was that guy’s name again? Um, I can’t remember it. Well, whatever, I will just do the same thing!”

She then looked for a nearby river and to her great delight, there is a huge river flowing close by. She saw that its position was located at a higher altitude. She then decided to divert the water flow by destroying the rocks supporting the riverbank. She let out her treasure, infused it with her yin essence and then she struck the rock. What came through her mind is that she really succeeded. Then her smile cramped. What she hit was the weakest part of the support! The whole riverbank entirely crumbled.

Because of this, the whole river was diverted right into the beast cages. The strength of these river stream was of course weakened by the friction. The poor beasts who saw the incoming water panicked and tried to escape. But all of their efforts were in vain and the whole force of the river hit the beasts’ cage and it cleaned the whole cage as the river passed by.

Fang Yu then felt happy because she cleaned the cages pretty easily. But she forgot how the story of that cleaning guy ended. She forgot the the water had nowhere to go but somewhere else. Fang Yu clapped her mouth in horror. The water that was now full of sh*t is headed right towards the Immortal God Sect Disciple Selection Area! She could only watch in horror as the cultivators and ascenders were bathed in the cocktail of water and animal excretions.

“Oh sh*t”

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