The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 21: Selling Tissues is a profitable business

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Chapter 20: Selling Tissues is a profitable business

When Fang Yu realized the situation that is about to happen, Fang Lin also knew about it. He paled noticeably and his Master noticed it. As Wang Hao was about to ask what happened, Fang Lin then shouted at the top of his voice

“Run! Run! Run! Something’s coming here, and it’s not gonna be good!”

The people around him however just laughed and mocked at him.

“How dare this fatty make a ruckus here? It’s up to me to discipline you!” A buffed armored middle-aged man swaggered to where Fang Lin was. It was obvious with his clothes that he is a guard for this disciple selection.

“You don’t get it! Fang Lin wailed. “I feel that something massive is going to hit us!”

“Bullshit! Do you think that the Immortal God Sect has no protective arrays? Of course it has a lot against external forces!” The guard said proudly. “As for you, I’m gonna have to throw you out!” But before he was able to grab Fang Lin, a rumbling sound was heard by all of them.

Seconds later, they were able to discern cascading waves of water that was approaching them. What was worse was that this water was filled with brackish fluid. It did not take long before all of them have been submerged by this water.

Everyone around Fang Lin let out sounds of cursing. Their robes and clothes got wet by the water and dirty because of the filth. Some even fainted and had to be saved from drowning.

“Who dares to cause a ruckus in this Sect!” An Elder of the sect appeared amongst them.

“Water Kingdom!” All of the water that has been swirling in the area had been directly manipulated back by the elder and was put back on its right track. The riverbank which had been destroyed has been also fixed.

“Do not worry! The sect will provide compensation for those who have been compromised by the accident. As for now, kindly wait as we catch the damned criminal!”

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Fang Lin at that time felt smug. He knew that if Fang Yu stayed near that place, there is a high chance that she will be caught and punished severely. So Fang Yu rode the raging water herself which brought her too right at the Disciple Selection Area. Once there, she told her Master Xiao Ya about the plight of Old Yang and his children. Fang Yu then promised that if Xiao Ya allowed her ability to transform to be unsealed, Fang Yu will definitely have a way to help Old Yang who had been sorely duped by an Elder of the Immortal God Sect. Xiao Ya of course agreed, wanting to see what will happen and also a little guilty for what her predecessors did.

Once she felt that she can transform, Fang Yu immediately transformed her face. The face that she took was of a sickly looking person. She then acted as if she was struggling for her life near Old Yang. Old Yang, upon seeing this tried to help her. But the crowd around him showed the vibe of not wanting to help.

Who would want to help a person who was about to die? But even it was like this, Old Yang still tried to save the ‘dying’ Fang Yu. She then laid still, not breathing. Of course she only made it look like she was dead.

Old Yang of course had been really dismayed by what happened. But then he just steeled his heart on what happened. He then tried to check if his jade has been safe but to his surprise, the jade tablet disappeared. He started to panic when he heard a female voice in his head.

“I know that you are using that tablet to admit your children to the sect. But do you understand that if you did that, their other fellow disciples might harass your children? Not only that, those with evil intentions on their hearts might think that you even have more treasures, that will just put you and your family in danger.” Old Yang visibly paled at this.

“But do not worry, I took your jade and I still intend to grant your wish. But from now on, do not mention the matter of that jade tablet on anyone else. Tell your children too that they must keep quiet.”

The voice was of course Fang Yu. While being tossed by the waves, Fang Lin immediately grabbed the jade tablet and hid it. Fang Yu then started the next phase of her plan.

While her ‘corpse’ was being carried away, it suddenly glowed with a bright blue light. Everyone who saw this situation started to get wary. The body of Fang Yu then slowly rose into the air and then she opened her eyes.

“She’s still alive! Oh my God!”

After showing this scene, Fang Yu then reverted back to her original appearance.

“Oh my God, it’s Lady Fang Yu, the disciple of the Sect Head!”

“How come she is here?”

Fang Yu then then released her treasure sword and made her yin aura gush out. Of course she did this to make herself look cool. She then said with a cold voice

“That stunt I did earlier was a way for me to ascertain if there is a person among you who might help someone in need. I did not get disappointed.” She then flashed a dazzling smile towards Old Yang. “As a thanks for your help, is there anything you want me to do?”

All the males and some females swallowed noticeably at this request. If they were the one given this chance, they will of course use it to have a ‘taste’ of her! Too bad Fang Yu will not allow that to happen.

Old Yang froze first, but then comprehension dawned on his features. He then clasped his hands and bowed in front of Fang Yu. “Milady, I wish that my 3 children will be accepted in your sect!”

The crowd murmured audibly after hearing this wish. They were a little disappointed that Old Yang is not a pervert but they admired him for loving his children.

“Bring them to me.”

The three children were then brought in front of Fang Yu. She looked at the two boys and said ” You two will now be accepted as outer court disciples.” She then looked at Ling’er and asked “What is your name?”

“Ah, its Ling’er, M...milady... ”

“Do not be scared.” Fang Yu smiled gently towards her. She then announced in her loud voice “Ling’er is gonna be my personal maid! Her father will also be accepted as a spirit plant farmer! Whoever touches her or her family shall suffer my wrath!”

The crowd then exploded into a hubbub of noises. Ling’er had been truly lucky right now. As long as she behaves herself and do not become arrogant, she will have a high standing in the future.

Fang Yu also had another agenda for making Ling’er her personal maid. “As of now, Ling’er will be my Yin Persona’s pet! I will of course groom her well and make her into a powerful pet !” Fang Yu happily said to herself.

The author right now does not know what fate may befall Fang Yu’s pet, Ling’er.

Fang Yu then brought Old Yang’s family back into into the sect headquarters in order to finalize some things.

After she left, Fang Lin stopped himself from wanting to curse out. After Fang Yu left, Fang Lin clearly heard what some of the male disciples said.

“Big Sister Fang Yu is really awesome! And look at her tits and ass! They are the works of wonder!”

“Yes, I’m gonna need a lot of tissues later! You know, for my cough!”

“Yeah, me too!”

Then Fang Lin saw his master Wang Hao roaming around, seemingly busy with something. When Fang Lin went near, he could not help but shout angrily to his master.


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