The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 22: Disciple Selection Exam

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Chapter 21: Disciple Selection Exam

While Fang Yu was walking and leading Old Yang and his family, she saw what Wang Hao did and she almost stumbled. “What the hell is is Master Wang Hao doing? How does he even know the tissue demand!” She cried inwardly to herself.

Fang Lin’s forehead was filled with black lines as he tried to apprehend his master. “You know master that its your disciple’s dignity you are selling here? Do you have no shame?”

“Haha you think that I sold those tissues just for the sake of money? Haha you shall see later.” A sudden shriek then echoed. “Oh, I think you shall see the reason now.” Wang Hao said all of this with his trademark smirk.

The shriek that sounded out continued for a few minutes until it was followed by sobbing sounds. not only that, but the people around them sensed that the person who uttered the screams was coming nearer. They then saw a young man who were approaching them with his entire body bent over his waist. His eyes was still red from excessive crying.

He saw Wang Hao and he pointed his hand at him and shrilly shouted “Catch that man! That fatty sold me some corrosive tissues!”

Wang Hao just sullenly replied “What do you mean corrosive tissues? They were laced with the extract from the five-ringed ginseng. They are effective on dissolving nasal secretions. Not only that, but once inhaled this extract can alleviate the soreness of the throat! You said that you have a cough, and I gave you tissues laced with medicine!” Wang Hao looked indignantly at the young man.

“But those tissues are only meant to be inhaled or put in contact with your nose. If you wiped those tissues on your sensitive body parts, the extract in the tissues will act as a great irritant on those sensitive body parts. You will exprience massive amounts of pain. From what I see, you must have wiped those tissues somewhere else.”

Wang Hao looked at the young man and smiled innocently.

“Tell me, where did you wipe those tissues?”

“Ah, ah, ah....” The young man found it hard to speak. How can he admit that he wiped the tissues on his junior? He just chose to stay silent and just bear the pain.

“Do you know that if left untreated, the infected area will stay swollen for a month?”

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“I wiped my d*ck! I wiped my d*ck!” The young man shouted hysterically.

“Haha I’m just kidding, it will heal up later.”

“Nooooo!!!!” The young man then ran away and he swore to not appear for a long time. Not long after, more shouts of pain were heard. But they also quieted down once they heard what happened to the poor young man.

Fang Lin looked at his Master gratefully. Wang Hao saw this and he seemed really smug about it. “Try to trust your master sometimes ok?”

2 hours later.

A stocky man filled with fighting aura approached those who lined up for the disciple selection.

“Listen up!” He shouted, with his voice reaching until the end of the very long line. From the power he oozes out, he seems to be at the Core Formation Stage, the Third Stage for the Immortal Cultivators.

“For the first part of the exam, only those who has been at least at the Body Refinement Stage and at most at the First Stage will be accepted. Anyone below that will not be accepted!” Wang Hao visibly panicked upon hearing this. Wang Hao obviously had to panic. Even though he can absorb energy, he cannot cultivate at all. His fighting abilities depended on the energy he possess. That means he could be eliminated immediately at the first stage.

“I know that you want this to be done already so here it is!”

He waved his hands and a 5-foot tall gong appeared in front of him. “Once this gong has been rung by me, anyone below the Body Refinement Stage and above the First Stage shall be teleported outside the gates!”

He then raised his hands and struck the gong.


A wave of pressure went out of the gong. Once it hit the applicants, they felt it probing their insides. Suddenly some of them disappeared. They obviously tried to enter the exam with unacceptable cultivations. When the wave hit Fang Lin, he did not feel any obstructions at all. He then looked worriedly towards his master.

When the wave hit Wang Hao, he immediately felt that he was about to be expulsed. Suddenly, the token given to him by Xiao Ya lighted up, allowing Wang Hao to stay.

“Eh?” The one who rung the gong noticed this peculiar happening. “So that fatty has made a favor for the sect?”

After the gong test, only half of the participants remained. Wang Hao was jubilated of course, having just cheated his way to pass. He continued to cackle delightly on his heart until he saw the exam proctor power walking towards him.

Once in front of Wang Hao, the man said “You obviously have no cultivation, but you have a token from the Immortal God Sect.”

“Eh, a token from the sect itself?”

“That guy seems to be a bigshot.”

Murmurs like this were heard all around Wang Hao. Upon hearing this, Wang Hao puffed his chest proudly, already thinking of more lackeys that he can recruit.

“According to the sect rules, you should have been accepted into the sect already. But on the other hand, the sect cannot accept someone who did not yet start on their cultivation.”

Wang Hao’s proud demeanor immediately deflated after hearing that.

“I cannot deny or accept both of those rules. But I have the perfect solution for you.” The man looked at Wang Hao and said ” We can accept you into the Immortal God Sect, but because you have no cultivation, I can only put you into the kitchen.”

Wang Hao just can’t close his mouth after hearing that.

“Once you stepped on the Body Refinement Stage, you will be immediately upgraded as an outer disciple. Now, take him to the kitchens.” He waved his hands and two burly guards grabbed Wang Hao by his shoulders and dragged him away.


“Bye Master!!!!”

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