The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 26: The Talk

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Chapter 25: The Talk

Before Fang Lin encountered the boar, his Yin counterpart Fang Yu had been busy on improving her elemental manipulation skills. Her master Xiao Ya continuously reminded Fang Yu that what’s the most important for mana users is not the amount of mana they have or its quality. It’s on how good you manipulate it.

Right now, Fang Yu methodically used her freezing abilities to create ice sculptures inside a water pool. She has to create the ice sculptures inside the water. This means she cannot continuously freeze the water in front of her. She had to focus on freezing select parts of the pool only.

Her master, who was holding a horsewhip, had been also observing her performance at the sidelines. Every time Fang Yu made a mistake, Xiao Ya immediately lashes out her whip right on Fang Yu’s buttocks.


Fang Yu could only stop herself from making weird noises from this weird training. On one hand, she wanted to be spared from the whipping because of the pain. But she also felt exhilarated from being ‘handled’ by her master.

It was then at that moment that Fang Lin used the Twelve Essences Martial Arts.

Fang Yu immediately dropped on all fours. She tried to stand up, but her body remained on the same position. She called out to her master, but what Xiao Ya heard were only


Fang Yu then realized the dangers of using the Twelve Essences Martial Arts. “What if I failed to completely learn the Mountain-Bashing Boar Essence? Will I stay like this forever?” But she could only say it in her heart right now.

Xiao Ya, upon seeing this, could not help but smile when she saw Fang Yu ‘presenting’ her butt in front of her.

“Did the whipping really got you turned on that you are now begging for more?” She smiled as she cracked her knuckles, preparing to start her famed ‘Hundred Flowers Whipping Technique’. Fang Yu looked panicked as she shouted “Squee squee! Squeee! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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Xiao Ya then realized that something wrong is happening with her disciple. Once she inspected her, she realized it.

“So its the Twelve Essences Martial Arts huh? How were you able to learn this? This art came from a Sect on an Eight Stage planet that has been destroyed in just a day by a single man. This martial art has been lost since then. So how did you get it?”

Fang Yu immediately knew that this must be surely connected to Master Wang Hao. But right now, she cannot talk properly, and she just wanted to get free already.

Fang Yu then saw through Fang Lin that the Mountain-Bashing Boar had chosen Fang Lin as its new mate. She paled, wishing that her Yang body can withstand this tribulation.

She then thought to herself “If my Yang body got ‘barbecued’ by that boar, am I gonna feel it too?”

She immediately panicked, thinking of the vivid possibilities. She then decisively cut off the control of her body as Fang Lin used the 100% of his mental expenditures on saving his Yang body. Fang Lin could have fused his body, but his two teammates seeing this might not be a good thing.

As the boar approached Fang Lin with its tail straight up into the air, Fang Lin took a deep breath.


Fang Lin decided to fight the Mountain-Bashing Boar in a head-on brutal slugfest. He knew that he can successfully emulate the essence as long as he was given a week, but right now, ain’t nobody got time for that!

( Author’s note: I love memes!)

He tensed up his body, then he propelled himself forward, hitting the boar on a collision. Fang Lin of course flew back, with blood flowing out his mouth. He shakily stood up on his four legs and resumed attacking.

“Squeeee!!! “Bang!” “Bang!” “Squeeeeee!”

This back and forth frenzied attacks of Fang Lin continued for 6 more hours. The boar was of course wounded too, but Fang Lin’s injury were much worse. At that time, only Fang Lin’s perserverance pushed him to continue. After 10 more strikes, he felt something breaking inside of him.

“Yes! This is it!” Fang Lin immediately regained the control of his body as he observed the Mountain-Bashing Boar Essence residing in his body. He felt that with this essence, he gained the ability to to store up power and unleash it in one strike. His bodily defense increased too, and he felt that his muscles got denser.

Fang Lin knew that at his current state now, he can easily defeat the boar. As for Fang Yu? Because their bodies are originally one, the essence also manifested inside her body. This even brought her strength at a higher level than Fang Lin. Fang Lin sighed, clearly not happy about this.

His bloodline will not allow him to step in the Second Stage unless he will breakthrough to the Second Stage at the both paths at the same time. This applies too at the higher stages. Only at the body refinement stage he can breakthrough separately.

Fang Lin then swore to himself that he must be at the Qi Condensation Stage by the end of the selection. He then looked at the boar, motioning to it with a ‘come to me’ gesture.

The Mountain-Bashing Boar then rushed madly towards him. It was clearly incensed with Fang Lin fooling it. Even though its a savage beast, its standards were not that low for it to be aroused with humans.


As the boar approached Fang Lin, Fang Lin crouched slightly to his side, with his right arm like a tightly-wounded spring. His right arm tembled, then suddenly, it enlarged as the boar was in front of Fang Lin. He then sent this punch straight on the boar’s skull.

This explosive power penetrated the boar’s defense and destroyed its brain. The poor boar staggered for a few more steps, then it dropped dead.

Fang Lin immediately held his right arm, which is now screaming in pain. As a price for storing that power and releasing it in an instant, his muscles at the right arm had been torn apart. He can heal that in an hour but in an instant match, he can only use it as a trump card.

Tang Ya and Venomshade stared at Fang Lin, not believing what they saw. How come this pervy lunatic can have such a power-up? That’s just unfair! (That’s because he’s the MC duh)

“Haha how do you two like that? I’m great, ain’t I?”

“Yes! Master is the greatest!” Little Yao’er clapped her hands happily as she jumped up and down.

Tang Ya and Venomshade just smiled wryly.

“Hmpph, as long as you do not try to irritate me, I am fine with you! Now, let’s dismantle this boar for food.” Tang Ya then started hacking the boar into pieces.

It had been already night, and Fang Lin’s group is not yet done with dismantling the beast apart.

“What kind of skin is this! It’s so thick!”

“Huh? I always see that your skin is the thickest of them all!” Tang Ya angrily rebuked.

Just as Fang Lin was about to give a perfect rebuttal that might ruin Tang Ya’s life, he heard two footsteps coming near from the left side.

“Yao’er, watch them in your shadow form. Do not let yourself get discovered.”

“Unnn!” Yao’er then melded with the shadows of the forest and then slithered towards the source of noise.

While Yao’er is looking, the other three tried to listen for any sudden movements the intruders might make. Suddenly, one of the footsteps stopped and Fang Lin heard a melodious voice of a young woman.

“Are you sure about this Luhan? You know I want to do it with you, but do we really need to do it in the forest, in the middle of the night?”

A deep voice then came next. “Qin’er, you know that you are in my heart right now. I cannot stop my feelings for you! That’s why I want to do it now. Besides, don’t you want some exotic experience?

“Oh Luhan!”

‘Yao’er! Come back right now!” Fang Lin whispered quietly. He then sighed in relief as Yao’er mixed with his shadow.

‘What they heard next were sounds of deep kissing and removal of clothes. Then they heard the massive sounds of pounding and moaning and gasping. Half an hour later, both of them cried shrilly as they approached their peak. They then fixed their clothes and left feeling satisfied.

Fang Lin then remembered something. Yao’er definitely heard these loud couple! She definitely heard what happened! Tang Ya and Venomshade turned pale too, realizing what that child must have felt.

They then saw Yao’er coming out of Fang Lin’s shadow with an inquisitive look on her face.

“Master, what were they doing earlier?”

Fang Lin realized that right now, he had to do the ‘Talk’. He took a deep breath and said “You know when a boy and a girl loves each other, they tend to do those things...”

“Eh?” Yao’er tilted her head. “Then when that girl said ‘bleep me hard with your big bleep, I’m your bleep!’ and then the boy replied ‘then suck my bleep, you dirty little bleep!’, that’s love too?”


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