The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 42: Ice Empress Sect

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Chapter 41: Ice Empress Sect

“The Ice Empress Sect Sect Head?” Fang Yu could not help but narrow her eyes. The Ice Empress Sect is one of the Eight Great Sects. The Ice Empress Sect is located on the the Northern Glaciers. This place is considered as the coldest region in the Immortal Continent. It’s always snowing here all year round.

The Ice Empress Sect has only one primary goal, to produce another Ice Empress. The sect itself has been established by a powerful Sixth Stage Immortal that has been called as the Ice Empress in the Planet Thrae. After establishing the sect, the Ice Empress ascended on the higher ranked planets. Up until now, the Ice Empress has not yet returned.

Because of this, the Ice Empress Sect only accepts females with the yin constitution. The better the yin constitution is, the better treatment is given by the sect.

From what Fang Yu heard from Xiao Ya’s ramblings, the current sect head of the Ice Empress Sect is also an Immortal.

“Hmph!” Xiao Ya was in an extremely bad mood upon learning that the Ice Empress Sect Sect Head wanted to meet her disciple.

“I cannot allow that! If Fang Yu needs to meet them, I must be there too! Come. let’s greet that vixen together!” Xiao Ya stood up and flew towards the Ice Empress Sect Head while carrying Fang Yu with her.

Once they arrived, what Fang Yu saw was an otherworldly beauty. The person waiting for them is wearing snow-white robes that draped all over her body. The robe is tight-fitting, accentuating the woman’s elegant curves. Her demeanor showed her gracefulness and class. The only thing marring the view is her face. She wore a cold expression as if she did not care for anything in the world. Her long white hair swished as the woman looked towards Fang Yu and Xiao Ya.

“Greetings, Void Master” The elegant woman said to Xiao Ya as she sat down. She looked at Fang Yu and said “So, Miss Fang Yu, you are the one with the Extreme Yin Constitution. I am here to persuade you to join the Ice Empress Sect. If you agree, you will be our Holy Maiden!”

Fang Yu and Xiao Ya were shocked at the woman’s propostion.

“Hey, hey, Lin Yuwa!” Xiao Ya said as she approached Lin Yuwa. “Are you seriously thinking about that? You are gonna make Fang Yu the holy maiden? Doesn’t that mean you are grooming her to be your new Ice Empress?”

“Why not?” Lin Yuwa imperiously replied. “She has the most pure and powerful yin constitution that this planet has ever seen. She even exceeded your own yin constitution! Her constitution is at least as pure as the Ice Empress herself!”

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“Hahaha!” Xiao Ya just laughed upon hearing Lin Yuwa’s declaration. “Make her the Ice Empress? As you can see, she is following the God Path! How can your sect even raise her huh?”

“Listen here woman.” Lin Yuwa stood up and approached Xiao Ya. Lin Yuwa went so near to Xiao Ya that their full breasts started touching each other. Fang Yu could just gulp as she saw the opposing peaks jiggle as they collided head on.

“Even though she is on the God Path, we can just make her undergo our ‘Yin Rebirth Chamber’. As long as she is willing, that chamber will purify her body’s essences and put her back in her most immaculate state. At that point, even her previous cultivation will be washed away. But the benefit that it will bring is that it will improve Fang Yu’s Yin Constitution. And that will make it easier for her to be the Ice Empress!”

“Do you think my adorable disciple will agree? How about this? You bring us two to the Ice Empress Sect and show Fang Yu what she can get there. If you really can impress her to make her join your sect, I wil concede!”

“Very well” Lin Yuwa smiled as if she already knew that Xiao Ya would say this. “Then please come in my spirit ship so that we can arrive at the Ice Empress Sect.”

After 6 hours of travelling, Lin Yuwa’s spirit ship stopped and descended slightly. When Fang Yu went out, what she could only see was white.

They were now located in a huge expanse of land covered with snow. The howling winds that pass by bring more torrential downnpour of the snow. The sky was cast by thick, white clouds. In the middle of the land, Fang Yu could see a huge palace. The palace was constructed with transparent and blue crystals that emphasized the cold feeling that it exudes.

From the majestic aura that Fang Yu can sense, this palace must be the Ice Empress Sect!

“Welcome to the Ice Empress Sect!” Lin Yuwa smiled cheekily towards Xiao Ya, as if she won already. “You will see that Fang Yu is fated with our sect!”

As they went inside, Fang Yu saw that the interior of the palace has the same cold feeling as the outside environment. She can clearly feel the yin essence permeating the air around her. Once they arrived, Lin Yuwa stopped walking. Xiao Ya and Fang Yu followed suit too.

“My disciples! Come and greet your soon to be Holy Maiden!”

Suddenly, one thousand elegant females appeared and converged in front of them. Fang Yu had to stop herself from drooling as she saw all these disciples. All of them were high-class beauty that will make any sect want to protect them! And yet, around a thousand of them greeted Fang Yu!

“What you see in front of you are the 1,000 most beautiful girls of the Ice Empress Sect.” Lin Yuwa proudly said. “If you will be our holy maiden, these 1,000 girls will be willing to dual cultivate with you!”

“Dual cultivate? I thought that’s only possible between male and female?”

“Usually it is, but as you can see, the Ice Empress Sect is only composed of girls. Even the most innocent woman will start to have their ‘cravings’ once they get older. But because there are no males here, most of the disciples have to make do with each other. But it could be detrimental to their cultivation. So after years of research, the sect was able to create a dual cultivation technique that will only work if the practitioners are both females with Yin Constitution.”

“Eh? We did not know that it’s happening on this sect!” Xiao Ya looked deeply offended as she heard Lin Yuwa’s confession. “How come I did not know this when I was young? Ah, my youth was wasted!”


While Fang Yu and Xiao Ya was busy on getting acquainted with Lin Yuwa, Fang Lin and Wang Hao were lazily lounging on their resting quarters.

“So bored.....” Wang Hao said dully while absent-mindedly spinning the book he was reading with his index finger.

“If you are bored, why don’t you just go outside and have some fun?”

“Fun? Do you see that Tang Ya is waiting outside, waiting to pounce on me?”

“Huh? You are really in a bad luck!” Fang Lin replied sarcastically.

“Hehehe are you jealous my dear disciple?” Upon seeing an opening, Wang Hao started his attack. “Your female body is already having fun with Xiao Ya, and yet your heart is occupied by someone else?”


“Hey, hey don’t tell me you really fell for that girl?” Wang Hao asked Fang Lin. Seeing that Fang Lin did not reply, Wang Hao panicked.

“Hey! I thought you wanted a harem! How could you fall for someone else!” Wang Hao hoarsely shouted. He then thought to himself. “This is bad! I even wanted to betroth him to my sister. How could this happen!”

Wang Hao then let out a business-like smile as he looked towards Fang Lin. “You may not know it, but your Yin body is about to have a harem! So you must do so! Besides, Tang Ya likes me. I will not answer her affections, but she clearly thinks of you as a friend!”

Upon hearing this, Fang Lin just smiled with melancholy as he faced Wang Hao. “Even though I know that master, I still cannot get rid of this feeling!”

Wang Hao just sighed to himself. He then made an two oaths to himself.

First, he must find a way to make Tang Ya lose interest in him

Second, he must make Fang Lin learn and be a master of the Way of the Harem!

“I must succeed!”

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