The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 487: Arcadia

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Chapter 490: Arcadia

“No, everything is fine...” Xiao Ya said with a sigh as she waved her hands dismissively. She then gave the black-haired woman a worried look as she asked her,

“How about you, Xiao Li? Are you feeling fine?”

“Yes, I do not feel anything wrong with me...” Xiao Li replied as she relaxed her tense body.

Xiao Ya’s face bloomed into a large, dazzling smile which seemed to have illuminated the whole room. “I’m glad that you are fine Li’er!”

“Muuu, don’t say my name like that in front of others. It is embarrassing...” Xiao Li muttered as her face turned red.

“.......” Fang Lin could only stare in envy as he realized that he was seeing two women wantonly flirting in front of him.

“So this is the power of love huh.” Fang Lin thought to himself as he saw that Xiao Ya and Xiao Li seemed to have genuine feelings for each other.

“That must be the reason they were so vigorous earlier...” Fang Lin then shook his head wryly as he decided to interrupt the lovey-dovey session of the two women.

“If you two want to make out, just do it later. I am still not done with my questions...”

Xiao Ya and Xiao Li glanced at each other, as if they were trying to communicate without words.

Xiao Ya then let out a sigh as she explained to Xiao Li all the things that she discovered about Fang Lin.

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Just like what Fang Lin had expected, Xiao Li was shocked silly by what she heard.

“This guy has a 100% bloodline purity? That is extremely impossible!” Xiao Li exclaimed as she looked at Fang Lin. “Xiao Chen, right? Show me your Azure Dragon Divine Spirit right now.”

Fang Lin complied, and Xiao Li saw what Xiao Ya had witnessed earlier.

“It really is the truth...” Xiao Li weakly said as she slumped on the floor. Xiao Ya hurriedly approached her and patted her head, as if she was a distressed pet that needs to be pampered with.

This scene was so endearing that even Fang Lin had the urge to pat Xiao Li’s head.

“.....” Of course Fang Lin did not do it, as he just stood up to stretch his body.

“So what do you want to know, Xiao Chen?” Xiao Ya asked as she saw that Fang Lin seemed to be restless.

“Well, I wanted to know about the Azure Dragon Spear.” Fang Lin replied as his eyes began to display an eerie glow. “The one who arrested me earlier told me about that weapon, but because I do not have any memories, I have no idea about that weapon.”

“Oh, the Azure Dragon Spear is an inherited weapon that only the current leader of the Azure Dragon Clan can use.” Xiao Ya replied quickly. “That means that if you become the next leader, then you will be able to wield the Azure Dragon Spear too.”

“Hmm...” After hearing what Xiao Ya said, an idea suddenly bloomed inside Fang Lin’s mind.

The Azure Dragon Divine Spear is the Heirloom that Huo Huangdi held. But here at this place, the Azure Dragon Divine Spear is actually an inherited weapon of the Azure Dragon Clan.

If that was the case, then the other Heirlooms must be like that Azure Dragon Divine Spear too.

This realization spurred Fang Lin to ask Xiao Ya,

“Sis Xiao Ya, aside from the Azure Dragon Clan, are there still other clans that also have their own inherited weapons?”

“Including the Azure Dragon Clan, there are 6 clans that owns inherited weapons.” Xiao Ya answered. “Each one of these clans have the same strength, and these clans are the hegemons that rule the whole Planet Arcadia.”

“Can I ask what these clans are?” Fang Lin said as he waited for Xiao Ya’s answer.

This time, it was Xiao Li who answered as she said,

“The first clan is that despicable Fallen Immortal Clan. Their inherited treasure is the heart of their own Immortal Ancestor! Isn’t that so evil?”

“Yeah, it really is evil...” Fang Lin said as he noticed that the Azure Dragon Clan and the Fallen Immortal Clan seemed to be loggerheads at each other.

Xiao Li took some deep breaths to calm herself down as she continued talking.

“Then there is the Celestial Clan, and all of them were just weirdos who like to tinker with their brains. Their inherited treasure is the preserved brain of their First Celestial Patriarch. That treasure is actually creepier than the heart, but those guys are good guys, so its all good for me.”

“The Celestial Clan and the Fallen Immortal Clan are actually sworn enemies with each other, and since the Azure Dragon Clan hates the Fallen Immortal Clan, we have naturally allied ourselves with the Celestial Clan.” Xiao Li said with a contemplating expression on her face.

At this point, it was Xiao Ya who talked next, as she talked about the last 3 Clans.

“The next clan is the Black Fiend Clan. Their inherited treasure is the Fiend Gourd, and from what I know, this gourd can summon some weird and black creatures. Definitely not a good sight.”

Xiao Ya then twiddled her fingers as she continued on talking. “This clan also has their own enemy, the Golden Robe Clan. Their inherited treasure is the Golden Gourd, and they can summon some pretty creatures with it!”

“Oh, if those clans are enemies with each other, then does that mean that our clan has their own enemy too?” Fang Lin asked.

“Yes there is.” At this point, both Xiao Ya’ and Xiao Li’s face turned extremely angry as if they could not contain their rage.

In fact, they looked so angry that their enmity with the Fallen Immortal Clan seems to be just a petty dispute!

“The name of that clan is the Black Dragon Clan, and unlike our clan, who had the Azure Dragon Divine Spirt, their Clan has the Black Dragon Divine Spirit. As for their inherited treasure, it was called the Black Dragon Armor, and just like what its name says, the Black Dragon Armor is an armor.”

“Maybe it might sound a little rude, but why are you so angry at the Black Dragon Clan? Is it because of something tragic?” Fang Lin asked as he tried to sound calm.

“Actually, we do not know too. We just know for a fact that we hate them, and that they hate us.” Xiao Ya replied. “But who cares if that is the only reason? They killed a lot of our kin before, so for them to be vanquished by us is just right!”

“......” After hearing what Xiao Ya said, Fang Lin started to already have an inkling on what this place is.

Of course since it was just an inkling, Fang Lin decided to not dwell on his idea.

“But at least now I know what to do.” Fang Lin thought to himself as he looked above him.

Since it’s the Heirlooms that have sent him in here, then maybe the Heirlooms wanted Fang Lin to do something for them. As for what that thing was, Fang Lin was also not sure.

But Fang Lin knew one thing:

And that is that he has to obtain the Azure Dragon Divine Spear first!

But with the ruling that Xiao Ya mentioned earlier, Fang Lin knew that he must become the leader of the Azure Dragon Clan first before he can touch the spear.

But right now, he is a criminal and a banished member of the Azure Dragon Clan, so fulfilling the condition to obtain the spear seems to be pretty impossible now.

“Ah, what to do, what to do...” Fang Lin thought sourly as he glanced at Xiao Ya and Xiao Li.

“Hey.” Fang Lin suddenly said as he glanced at the two women. “If I want to escape this prison, is there any surefire way to do it?”

“Escape the prison? Hahaha, you sure have some guts!” Xiao Ya said as she let out a roar of laughter.

“Xiao Chen, even if you are that powerful right now, there is no way for you to escape that easily.”

Xiao Ya then pointed above her as she said,

“The only thing that you can do to escape is to traverse the hole all the way to the top... But even if you do that, you will still fall here as the Roc Hand will just swat you down.”

“Oh right, there is that hand too...” Fang Lin muttered as he looked above him.

Countless prisoners must have tried scaling the hole before, but all of them were all swatted back by that Roc Hand.

No wonder all of those prisoners were pissed upon seeing the Roc Hand earlier.

“Oh, and even if there is a way to escape, I prefer to not escape.” Xiao Ya said as she began to hug Xiao Li tightly. “It is very comfortable in here, you know, and staying with my Li’er is the best thing that I could ever wish for.”

“Geez, stop saying thing like that. It is really embarrassing...” Xiao Li muttered with a red face as she bowed her head down shyly.

Fang Lin ignored this heartwarming scene as she asked Xiao Ya,

“How come your Female chamber looks like this? It just looks like a vacation spot, unlike the Male Chamber which looks like a literal s**thole.”

“Oh, its actually because one of the prisoners in here is the daughter of the current leader.” Xiao Ya replied quickly. “I do not know what her crime was, but she was forced to be imprisoned in here.”

Xiao Ya then let out a deprecating smile as she continued talking.

“Because the current leader had loved his daughter so much. He pleaded for her to be released from the prison. But because rules are rules, there is no way for his daughter to be freed that easily.”

“Oh, so the current leader just decided to make his daughter’s life in the prison very comfortable?” Fang Lin said as he looked outside the bamboo house.

“Yes, that is exactly it.” Xiao Ya replied with a nod on her head. “And to make sure that his daughter will be really comfortable, the current leader had the whole Female Chamber refurbished, resulting to its current state right now.”

“I see.” Fang Lin said as he gave a curious look to Xiao Ya.

“Sis Xiao Ya, what if I wanted to see this daughter of the current leader right now? Will I be able to do it?”

“I can actually lead you to her location...” Xiao Ya said as hesitation appeared on her face. “But why do you even want to meet her anyway?”

“I need to do something important, and I reckon that it is that woman that can help me right now.” Fang Lin answered with a finality.

“Ok then, I shall bring you to her now.” Xiao Ya said as she stood up. She was taller than Fang Lin, which resulted on her head looming above Fang Lin as she said,

“Oh, and let me remind you Xiao Chen. The daughter of the current leader has a large harem of girls with her, and most of the time, she will be busy playing with them. So you may have to wait until she had her free time before she will talk to you.”


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