Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1576: 1576 Killing Kunpeng, Ziyue Changkong Escapes, Green Lotus Annihilating Might

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1576 Killing Kunpeng, Ziyue Changkong Escapes, Green Lotus Annihilating Might

Chu Kuangren smiled faintly. Ziyue Changkong knew that he was not Chu Kuangren’s opponent, so instead of resisting the sword qi, he used the sword qi to wear down his physical body and speed up the activation of the Soul Escape Technique.


“We can’t just sit and wait for our turn to die!”

Zhuanxu’s successor, Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, and others knew that if that continued, they would all be trapped and killed in Chu Kuangren’s Spacetime Sealing Technique!

As Prodigies and sky-prides, they definitely would not wait to be killed.

“Nether Black Water!”

“Damage-reversing effect!”

“Nine Heavens Great Demon Slash!”

All kinds of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities erupted one after another. Together, the attacks turned into a monstrous torrent and swept out in all directions!

Chu Kuangren merely stood where he was with an indifferent expression.

“Have a taste of this new energy.”

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Chu Kuangren stood with hands behind his back, and his Immortal’s Core swept out in all directions. There were also mysterious and extraordinary Daoist patterns flowing around the Green Lotus Mark on his forehead.

Then, a Green Lotus bloomed under his feet, and its brilliance illuminated the land.

“There is a Green Lotus in the chaos which stands side by side with the Great Dao, controlling the creation and destruction!”

“Green Lotus, Destruction Light!”

Chu Kuangren raised his hand gently, and as he pushed it forward, a green brilliance burst outward!

An unparalleled and destructive energy filled the realm!

The universe collapsed, and every living thing perished!

All kinds of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities disintegrated before the green brilliance!

The physical bodies of all the sky-prides and Prodigies turned into ashes before they could even scream!

“How is this possible?”

Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoists pupils shrank in horror as he felt an unprecedented fear of death from the green brilliance!

The people of the Nine Houses were extremely terrified at that moment!

“What a powerful destruction power!”

Ye Zhu was dumbfounded when he saw that from not far away.

He thought that his Immortal Destruction Sword Qi was already the best in the universe in terms of killing and destroying.

However, before the Destruction Light cast by Chu Kuangren, it was now inferior not only in terms of power but also the most essential Dao.

The Green Lotus contained an unfathomable Dao.

Chu Kuangren had probably displayed only a slight power in the Green Lotus, and it was already so astounding.

It was difficult to imagine how frightening would it be if the power of the Green Lotus was fully released!

“We are definitely not his opponents.”

“The Green Lotus is too terrifying.”

“This power simply doesn’t exist in this universe. How does he possess such a thing?!”

Those surviving sky-prides and Prodigies were horrified.

At that moment, Chu Kuangren looked at Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist calmly. Such a calm gaze made Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist shudder as if he had fallen into an ice cellar!

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