You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 677: 501 (The denied pure blood(4))

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Chapter 501 (The denied pure blood(4))

Everyone's eyes followed the white headlights. The three women showed no stage fright and their beautiful faces and sexy figures moved everyone present. The key point was the temperament of the three women, which is what a man would want to conquer.

The two "sisters" were shocked.

"Why did your wife come to such a place?" Lu Hong exclaimed, looking at Zi Shan among the three women, in a sexy outfit that probably even his younger brother had never seen before.

Yi Hong was dumbfounded.

Seeing the younger brother's state, Lu Hong hastily explained to Zi Shan: "Little brother, don't panic. Zi Shan is a good woman, and she will definitely not come to the bar to find a man."

At first, Yi Hong didn't think about it, but when Lu Hong reminded him, he immediately felt heavy in his heart. Zi Shan came to find a man, and it really was like this.

"Yi Hong, hold your breath, maybe Zi Shan was bored and came out to relax. Don't you see Your Honor's sister-in-law here too? Surely she didn't come out for hook-ups." Lu Hong's reminder made Yi Hong feel better.

'Right, Your Honor's sister-in-law is all here, so my wife definitely did not come to find a man.'

Suddenly, Lu Hong frowned, and saw three men in suits entering from the door.

"Brother, what's the matter?" Seeing that Lu Hong looked strange, Yi Hong asked aloud.

"Those three men are weird." Lu Hong said in a low voice. A woman's intuition told him, oh no, a man's intuition told him that these three men might be the ones he was looking for!

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Wrong! Why are you looking for a man? It's the guy you're looking for!

Yi Hong was startled: "Brother, don't you mean those three men are…?"

"It's very possible, let's observe them first."

In fact, the task of the two brothers was very difficult, similar to Death Mage back then. The kind of task to kill the other party.

Instead, it is unreasonable to send the pure blood to the other party, and the other party cannot even see the clues. This is really a severe test for the two brothers.

Feng Di is one of the three men!

In the past few days, there have been rumors that pure blood has appeared in Long'an City!

For Feng Di, this was great news, and even luck was on his side.

According to the information, it was with green and red women. They have been wandering around the nightclubs recently and they got the news tonight, so they came to observe.

Who would have thought that they would see three unbelievably beautiful women just after entering? 'Such stunning beauties are really rare, and if I catch them back and give them to my elder brother to play with, he should be very happy.'

With this thought in mind, Feng Di followed Qing Yutong's group to the second floor.

"Brother! What should we do? Those three men didn't see us and they even followed Zi Shan!" Yi Hong said nervously, his eyes sneaking to the second floor.

Lu Hong also felt bad, 'why did Your Honor's sister-in-law suddenly appear? This is the first time in a few days that we have got any clues!'

"Let's observe first." Lu Hong still held his breath and did not rush forward.

Yi Hong nodded, let's take a look first and then talk.

On the second floor, Qing Yutong sat down with Brittany and Zi Shan, but before the three of them had time to speak, three men appeared in front of them.

"Beautiful ladies, I don't know if I have the honor to have a drink with you." Feng Di leaned slightly, showing his side as a gentleman.

The prey took the bait, and the corners of the mouths of the three were directed toward their ears.

Of course, this was not a friendly smile.

But in Feng Di's eyes, the three women in front of him had been conquered by his handsomeness. Looking at their smiles, he couldn't wait to spend the night with them.

"Of course." Qing Yutong laughed softly.

'Last time I staged a campfire with Zizi, what are we going to do today?'

Yi Hong saw that the three men actually sat down, making his mood sour.

"Brother, didn't you say!!!"

Lu Hong couldn't believe it. He didn't know that Qing Yutong just wanted to relieve some pressure off her injured friend.

"What should I do, brother?" Yi Hong asked anxiously. His wife was going to be taken away tonight. Was it his turn to be green?

Lu Hong said in a deep voice: "Yi Hong, don't worry, big brother won't let you go my old way!"

Yi Hong: "..."

"Come, big brother will take you to the scene!" As they walked toward the second floor.

On the second floor, Brittany and Zi Shan looked at the three men, their fists clenched under the table. Men do not have a single good thing!

"Where are the three little brothers from?" Qing Yutong signaled Brittany and Zi Shan to not get excited, the fun had just begun.

Feng Di was about to speak when a voice suddenly sounded.

"Damn, why are you here?"

Lu Hong walked while twisting his hips, and he even sat down on Feng Di's lap, while Yi Hong took a peek at his wife. He couldn't let go but still sat on the other side.

Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded.

Especially Feng Di, what's the situation?

But when he saw the two women who came, he frowned. 'Aren't these the target people?'

Two beauties, one green, and one red.

'Aren't they women with the pure blood? I shouldn't be so angry, but is the information wrong?'

The incarnation of the green and red brothers was cast by Wei Chang, and the three girls couldn't see the real bodies of the two "sisters" at all.

But this green and red made the three girls think of the green and red brothers. Otherwise, there was no way. The color is too eye-catching, and you can see it everywhere.

Traffic lights, I see them a lot.

At this time, Feng Di already believed that the information was wrong, and the green and red women definitely did not have the pure blood, but it was a good thing to be able to bring these three women back, and the trip was worthwhile.

"Ma'am, please be respectful, I don't know you!" Feng Di said coldly, don't bother to flirt with me.

Lu Hong said coquettishly: "Brother, we met last night, how come we didn't know each other so soon?"

Yi Hong also wanted to "show" a bit, but when he saw Zi Shan present, he became a dog in an instant.

Zi Shan frowned, 'these two women feel very familiar to me! So familiar!'

'That's right! It's their clothes!'

'They turned out to be the same clothes as mine, but I bought them and haven't worn them yet!'

'It can't be such a coincidence, these two women are wearing the clothes I bought!'

Zi Shan took a peek at the two women's shoes, and her expression sank. Those two pairs of high heels belonged to her too! She was sure of this!

Because there is a scratch on the heel of one pair of shoes, although it is not very obvious, it can't escape Zi Shan's eyes!

'This green-haired gal must be my big brother while the one sitting beside me must be my husband!'

'Because Yi Hong is like this, especially when he sees me, he doesn't dare to look at me, because he's scared to death!'

'OK! Even a man dressed as a woman came out to tease me! Asshole!'

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