Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1452: My Wife Is So Adorable

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Chapter 1452: My Wife Is So Adorable

The next morning, Jiang Yuyan woke up. Her beautiful eyes were greeted by the bright sunlight in the room coming from those huge glass windows.

Smiling pleasantly after having a short but good sleep, she looked to her side but the place next to her was empty.

‘Did he wake up already? Seems like I am sleeping till late,” she then stretched her arms nicely and something felt off. She looked down at herself and then under the blanket only to see herself wearing a shirt.

It reminded her of what they had done the previous night and she felt her entire body covered in goosebumps once again. ‘That was…’ she felt embarrassed remembering the talk between them, ‘He is shameless and too bold. But what happened to me? How could I be so…” she didn’t get a word to describe her bold self. ‘I was never like this. He..he is turning me into a bad one. How can he talk like that and ask me such questions?’ She felt her heart beating faster remembering what he had asked her.

What did you like? Did you imagine me inside you? How did it feel? What position?

‘Gosh…That was too much.” Her face turned red. ‘He is so dangerous only with his words. Not sure what will he be like when we will be…’


Just then she heard the door of the bathroom being opened and she immediately covered her face with the blanket.

‘Why am I hiding?’ she thought under the blanket and then peeked out a little only to see Lu Lijun coming out of the bathroom and standing in front of the mirror while drying his hair. Just had a towel wrapped around his lower waist and was completely focused on his work. Her eyes widened at the sight of that perfect body and almost drooled over it thinking.

‘I can’t believe he belongs to me now. Such a perfect body…’ she then scolded herself, ‘What the hell, don’t act like you love him for his body….’ but once again her thoughts changed, “Body is additional plus point he has. Don’t all women want their men to have such a perfect body and be so perfect in bed? I guess I am lucky among them. I sure love his body and can’t wait to get my hands on it once again…’

“Good morning, Yuyan.”

She heard Lu Lijun’s voice. Who did he greet? Does he know I am awake? Then Does he know I am pretending?’

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When there was still no reply from her, Lu Lijun, who had finished drying his hair, spoke again, “Good morning, little birdie.”

‘Little birdie? How dare he?’ It didn’t take time for the blanket to uncover her face and she called him angrily, “Lu Lijun!”

He looked at her, “You didn’t respond so I thought you like this name better.”

She frowned and sat up in bed, “I warn you to not call me like that.”

“Fine,” he didn’t tease and went to her to sit at the edge of the bed, “But you need to bribe me with a morning kiss then.”

She immediately pecked on his lips and heard him, “Did I not teach you enough on how to kiss?” he leaned forward and kissed her properly which lasted for several seconds, “Like this, understood?” he asked, letting her go. “I expect you to not forget it.”

Like an obedient girl, she nodded and Lu Lijun informed, “Brother Tian has sent clothes for us.”

“Did he? Why didn’t he send them last night then?” she asked.

He narrowed his eyes at her, “You mean you didn’t like wearing my shirt?”

It startled her, “Ah, No. I don’t mean it like that….”

“And you also didn’t like what I did after feeling tempted seeing you in my shirt?”

It left her speechless, “No, I didn’t say…”

“What? You liked it or not?” he asked coldly as if he was upset.

‘How can I say I didn’t like it when I was screaming, asking for more and more,’ she thought and replied, “I..liked it…”

“I was sure you liked…” he stopped, his eyes carrying the mischief, “… shirt more than other clothes.”

‘What? Was he talking about his shirt?’ She felt embarrassed and changed her lines, “Of Course, your shirt is more comfortable.”

He laughed a little thinking how easy it was to tease her and said, “You are so adorable, like a little naive girl.”

“I am not a little girl.”

“That I could guess from how you cry asking for more. That is certainly not what little girls act like.”

“You…,” she gritted her teeth, “go wear some clothes,” she said angrily as he would not stop teasing her.

“I just wanted to save your efforts of peeking at my body from under the blanket.”

“So you knew,” she mumbled.

He smiled and patted her head, “You don’t need to peek to look at me.”

“Stop embarrassing me and wear your clothes,” she said.

Lu Lijun didn’t tease and stood up and he pulled out the clothes for him from one of the two bags placed on the couch.

Jiang Yuyan was about to step out of the bed to freshen up, but….her eyes widened at something and she exclaimed, “What are you doing?” and turned around.

After getting his clothes, Lu Lijun removed the towel wrapped around his waist and tossed it aside on the couch, leaving himself entirely naked, not thinking that he would shock the woman standing behind him.

He turned around to look at her who had turned her back at him, “Didn’t you say to wear my clothes. So I am doing that,” he replied, having an evil smirk on his lips and putting on his shirt.

“You..You can’t just do it like this without considering others,” she commented, still facing her back at him.

“Others? I don’t see any. And you have already seen all of me and have even enjoyed touching me. So there is no need….”

“Shameless, wear your clothes fast. I need to go to the bathroom,” she exclaimed.

Lu Lijun quietly wore his clothes, “Done.”

She turned around and hurried towards the bathroom without even looking at him while he only smiled at her.

‘When will she get used to me? But…it’s so nice to see her like this…my wife is so adorable.’ he smiled pleasantly, ‘Wife? Maybe soon she will allow me to call her that. So satisfying it feels to call her my wife.’

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