Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1455: Planning for Vacation

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Chapter 1455: Planning for Vacation

At the airport, Lu Feng and Jiang Yang were leaving.

“Take care of her,” Lu Feng said to his younger brother.

“Rest assured,” Lu Lijun replied.

Jiang Yang patted his sister’s head, “Just follow your heart and don’t think about what others would say. Whatever you do, I am always with you.”

She smiled, “Thank you, brother.”

Jiang Yang looked at Lu Lijun, “If he troubled you, just come back to your brother. Be a tigress and don’t give in to him so easily.”

“She had given in long back but I won’t mind taming tigress. That way it would be more fun,” Lu Lijun said and looked at Jiang Yuyan, “You should seriously follow your brother’s advice.”

“You are asking me to be like when we were in China,” she countered.

“I will still find a way to get you back and make you come to me. Don’t worry,” Lu Lijun replied.

“You just wait,” she offered him a narrowed-eyed look and then looked at Lu Feng, “Have a safe journey,” and hugged him.

Lu Feng hugged her back and patted her head, “Take care, little girl.”

She nodded and then went to hug her brother.

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The two friends left while Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun left the airport.

“I plan to come to the office today,” Jiang Yuyan said as Lu Lijun didn’t allow her to work for the past few days and she didn’t wish to sit at home.

Lu Lijun agreed and took her to the office. When they reached the office, Noah was already there who didn’t look in a fine mood and the other two understood his talk with An Tian didn’t go well.

“Yuyan, go to my office. I will be there in a while,” Lu Lijun instructed.

She nodded and quietly went inside Lu Lijun’s office.

Lu Lijun went to Noah who was talking to Keith. The two greeted Lu Lijun when they saw him. Noah finished instructing Keith and then looked at Lu Lijun, “Did they leave?”

“Hmm,” Lu Lijun nodded, “Come with me,” walked inside Noah’s office.

Noah followed him and once the door closed, Noah spoke even before Lu Lijun could ask, “I know what you want to ask but I guess this is not the right time and we should start working.”

“A little late won’t hurt,” Lu Lijun countered, “Now tell me.”

Noah sighed and narrated everything that he talked about with An Tian and frowned, “If he had told me, things would have been easier.”

Lu Lijun didn’t comment on what An Tian said and did as he trusted An Tian at least this much that he never did or said anything without a reason. Lu Lijun was once An Tian’s patient and he understood An Tian.

“How could he say that I…” Noah sighed angrily and looked at Lu Lijun, “Can we talk about it later. The more I think, the more I get angry. I won’t be able to work this way.”

“Then take a break,” Lu Lijun offered.

“I can not. Work is my medicine,” Noah said and sat in his chair. “I have this data prepared. Take a look,” he offered a file to Lu Lijun.

Lu Lijun accepted it, “As you wish.”

Lu Lijun returned to his office where Jiang Yuyan was sitting in the couch.

“Is everything alright?” she asked.

He nodded and went to his chair carrying the file given by Noah.

“What’s that file?” she asked.

“Some data,” he replied.

“Let me have a look.”

“You are not going to work,” he said.

It shocked her, “I am here to work.”

“You said you want to come to the office and here you are. We didn’t talk about you working here,” he countered and opened the file as he was back to his working mode.

She glared at him, “You are so cunning. I will be bored…”

“I will give you work in my break time,” he looked at her, “I am sure you will do a good job.”

‘Gosh this guy,’ she almost got a chill from his cold but meaningful gaze. “T-Then, what shall I do now?”

“Just rest or do anything but work,” he answered and resumed his work.

Jiang Yuyan frowned and leaned back at the sofa as she rested her hand on the hand rest and continued to look at Lu Lijun.

One minute, two minutes….few more minutes passed by but she didn’t move her gaze from him.

He didn’t look at her but could still see what she was trying to do. “If you are trying to tempt me, there are high chances that you will be successful if you keep staring at me for a few moments more.”

“Working hour just started and we don’t allow anyone to slack off from work,” she countered, not being affected by his words full of warning. ‘You asked for it. Who told you to stop me from working?”

He was still busy working but didn’t stop answering her, “Didn’t grandpa always teach us that family comes before work? I guess I love what he said.”

Jiang Yuyan stopped staring at him and awkwardly cleared her throat as she picked up the tablet from the centre table in front of the couch.

She went through searching random things about the business world and then thought about something.

‘Vacation! He was talking about going on vacation. Let me search where we can go,’ she thought and searched through it. ‘Where shall we go?’ she glanced at the busy man, ‘Am I being desperate one if I am the one to look into it,’ she shook her head, ‘He is busy so it’s fine if I look into it. Maybe a surprise for him.’

She skimmed through the places, ‘This one seems better for couples. Romantic and beautiful. How many it shall be for? A week? Two weeks? No no, he has lots of work to do, so a week will be fine. It won’t be too long, right? Once we return to China, then there won’t be alone time. I think we need a week at least. Only we two and nothing to disturb us.’

With a smile, she was looking into a tablet and was in her dreamy world that she didn’t know the busy guy was observing her in between his work and smiled seeing her relax and not stressing herself with work.


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