Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 32: 32 Tricking The Sisters...

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Chapter 32 Tricking The Sisters...

"Brother Lu Feng, you too are here? When I went to the all of your's rooms, I wondered where is everyone." It was Lu LiJun who came with a small and beautiful wooden box in his hands.

"What happened?" Asked Lu Feng with a soft tone, which made his two sisters jealous.

Lu LiJun : "I wanted to show everyone the gift I prepared for Grandpa and Grandma." He said getting excited to show everyone what he had.

Lu Feng : "Really? Where is it?"

Lu LiJun : "See this." He opened the box and showed it to Lu Feng.

Lu Feng : "Did you make it?" He asked while observing the gift inside the box with the admiration on his face for his little brother.

Lu LiJun : "Yes! How is it?"

Lu Feng : "Nice! They will like it"

Lu LiJun : "Thank you brother"

Lu Bao : "Look at brother Lu Feng. How he is smiling and treating the little devil. Are we nobody? Doesn't we exist for him? She said to Lu Lian with angry but very low voice. "And look at that little monster taking all the attention from our brothers (Sob! sob!). Did he save the country in his past life or what?"

Lu Lian : "I know but what can we do?" She too was quite angry just like Lu Bao after watching this show of affection between two brothers.

Lu Bao : "Brother Lu Qiang and Lu Feng both are spoiling him. Why can't they spoil us a little? How can these two icebergs find so many words to say when it comes to Lu LiJun?"

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Lu Lian : "Shhhh! They will hear us."

Lu Han: "Yes it's really good." He said after taking a look at the gift when his two sisters were busy with cursing Lu Feng.

Then Lu LiJun looked at the door of the room like searching something. He walked back towards the door and said while peeking out slightly, "Brother Lu Qiang what are you doing there? come inside." Lu Qiang came with Lu Lijun but he stood back in the corridor, few steps away from the door of the room."

Lu Qiang : "I am fine here. Come out once you finish." He said while standing in the corridor.

Lu LiJun : "Please elder brother come inside. Everyone is here. Please!!"

Lu Qiang : "Ok." He said and walked towards the room. The word 'Please' was enough to melt him as he couldn't say no to Lu LiJun's request.

When Lu Qiang entered inside, everyone was quite surprised to see him at this side of the mansion because he hardly came to south wing unless it is something important.

Lu Lijun : "What are you all doing here in sister Lu Bao's room?"

Lu Bao : "We called brother Lu Feng to help us but he is not of any use." She said with a sad face.

Lu LiJun : "Then ask brother Lu Qiang." He turned his head upward to look at his brother and asked, "You will help them, right?"

Lu Qiang : "Hmmmm." And looked at his sisters.

Lu Feng : "__" (Thank you so much God!!)

Lu Bao : "Brother tell me which colour will suits me the best?" Both sisters were having too many expectations this time, holding dresses in their hands and looking at Lu Qiang without blinking an eye. But...!

Lu Qiang : "What's the difference?" He asked the same question as Lu Feng.

Lu Bao : "See carefully." Her eyes full of anticipation to hear something useful from Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang : "Both are pink!!!!!" He said and pinched the space between his eyebrows while giving out a big sigh.

Both sisters were too sad to see the same reaction from Lu Qiang as Lu Feng.

Lu Han : "Hahaha!! I knew, this will happen."

"Really. There is no use of having so many brothers." Lu Bao frowned and turned her sight to the youngest person in the room and asked, "Lu LiJun can you tell the difference?"

Lu LiJun : "Both are pink." He said with his usual innocent expressions on his face.

"Urrghhh! There is no use." She then gave out a deep sigh, looked at her brother's again and said, "Ok! Fine, try this for the last time. We both liked the right one. what do you people think. Right one or left one." She didn't have much excitement on her face this time.

After listening this question, Lu Han turned his face and looked in the other direction. Lu Qiang and Lu Feng who were standing exactly in front of their sisters, started to avoid their sights and Lu LiJun was moving his sight from his two Brothers to his two sisters.

When Lu Bao saw their reactions she got furious and said, "Tell me or I won't be coming to the celebration party in the evening." She said and her eyes were quite wet too as she was about to cry.

"Left one!!!!!" Both Lu Qiang and Lu Feng said at the same time in hurry. They didn't want to see the melodrama of their sister and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Really? A...Are you sure?" Lu Bao asked with a confusion written on her face. She looked at Lu Lian who had same confused expressions.

"Hundred percent!!!" Again both brothers said same thing at the same time.

Lu LiJun : "If elder brothers liked the left one then I'll choose the left one too."

"O...Ok." She said but still looked confused.

Then all four left the room leaving these two confused sisters behind. All four were wearing clothes which were screaming out loud that 'Today is Sunday and we are resting at home'. All were in their T-shirts and pajamas. Lu Qiang and Lu Han was wearing T-shirt and full length pajamas while Lu Feng and Lu LiJun were wearing T-shirt and three fourth pants, in which both were looking too adorable.

Lu Han : "Haha! Our sisters are really something. But how come you two end up selecting the same dress?"

Lu Qiang : "Always select the thing that girls don't select."

Lu Feng : "I am sure she is going to wear the right one instead of the left one."

Lu Han : "Haha! Both of you are really cunning."

Lu LiJun : What does that mean elder brother?

Lu Han : "Our sisters liked the dress which was on the right side but our smart brothers chose the left one. As those two girls already made the choice before but we didn't agree to them, so they will think we don't know what's the best so ultimately they will go with their own choice, the dress on the right side."

Lu LiJun : "Haha!! They got tricked."

Lu Han : "Haha! Right."

All four smiled and walked downstairs towards the living room.

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